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10 tips for looking older
Yes, you read that right! We may live in a youth-obsessed culture, but with more and more hot, young celebrities trying to look older than their age, many young women who are fed up with the teeny bopper look are following their lead...
Hyperhidrosis, a rare but embarrassing condition for women
The last thing an elegant lady wants to share with her peers is that she has an excessive sweating condition that most people would incorrectly associate with bad perspiration and body odour. For many women who have hyperhidrosis...
21 Tips to Always Be at Your Best for a Photograph
You say you aren't photogenic? Not true! You're simply doing it wrong. In the era of selfies and Instagram, it's best to know how to be at your best. Here are 21 surefire tips for great pictures every time...
20 Surface Piercings Ideas That Are Unexpectedly Beautiful
To celebrate International Piercing Day, we're celebrating those crazy creatives out there who want to get pierced wherever they like. Surface piercings are body piercings that go through the skin, and connect two studs...
Forever Young? How to Fake A Facelift And Get A Youthful Glow
While celebrities who, in their mid-forties, look younger than they did in their twenties roam the streets, the pressure is on for the rest of the world to keep up. It gets so serious for some women that they refuse to leave their house without makeup...
Spots, Puffy Eyes & Parched Skin: 10 Beauty Hacks To Hide A Hangover
Last night was a corker. You danced, you drank and took a hundred selfies but now you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus. And then some. How will you ever look and feel normal again? Time to clean up your act, start afresh and remove all evidence of party hopping...
7 wrinkle prevention tips for every gal in her 20s
For the most part, when you're in your twenties, you can still get away with only a few hours of sleep following an inebriated evening without your face giving the game away. But be careful! The key to preventing wrinkles is to take precautions as soon as possible...
How to Grow Your Eyebrows Back After An Over Tweezing Disaster
So many of us have been down this dark path. We think we're doing ourselves a world of good by keeping our eyebrows in check, but fail to notice when we're overdoing it. That is, of course, until it is too late...
Eight Beauty Tips that Verge on Genius
Organic cosmetics, natural cosmetics, and grandma's recipes: no need to spend a fortune on beauty products to look your best! Here are some simple beauty tips to care for your face, body, and hair. Simple, organic, and cheap, we love them...
10 Canadian Products that Deserve to Go from Store Shelves to Our Bathroom Shelves
You already know the Lise Watier, Annabelle, and Marcelle of this world, but did you know that there is a whole market of cosmetic products manufactured here?
Voilà! 10 Creative Ways To Organize Your Beauty Products
Just picture a dressing table that’s tidy and organized. Lipsticks that are easy to find and make-up brushes in their own home. If your make-up storage is a mess, here's 10 creative ways that can help...
10 New Year Beauty Resolutions You Will Need to Stick To For 2015
So, how many times this year did you sleep with your make-up on, or forget to floss? These are beauty sins that many of us are guilty of, but it's time to get these bad habits in check. There's no way...
Cool Bridal Ideas! How To Wear Your Nails On Your Wedding Day
On your wedding day details matter more than ever, and that includes your bridal manicure. For all those up close photos you need to make sure your nails are doing your photos (and your diamond) justice...
9 tips for looking great without makeup
How can you look better and feel good in your skin without using makeup? How about a good skincare routine, a little grooming and a slight change of attitude!
12 Halloween Makeup Tutorials That Will Blow Your Mind
When it comes to transforming into someone or something entirely different for Halloween, these YouTube stars take it to the next level. Check out their tutorials and see if you're daring enough to recreate them...
New Beauty Trend? The Beauty Secret That's Inside Your Fridge
No-brainer: women spend loads of cash on beauty products. LOADS. And because looking good costs a pretty penny, we all want to get the biggest bang for our buck. The latest beauty trend is aiming to help us do just that...
Negative Space Nail Art: The New Trend You're About To Be Obsessed With
The latest trend to sweep the beauty world off its feet? Negative space nail art. It's quick, easy, and most importantly, stylish.
Meet The Model Who Is Changing ALL The Rules: Here's What Beautiful REALLY Looks Like
Model Nikia Phoenix is rewriting the rules about what it means to be beautiful. Strong, independent, and totally unique, Nikia's stand-out looks have always set her apart from the crowd. Here's how she's changing the face of modelling to be all-inclusive...
10 Of The Best Acne Home Remedies For Clear Glowing Skin!
Looking for a gentle, yet effective acne treatment, but short on money and time? Look no further than home. From lemon's potent citric acid to honey's soothing antibacterial properties, there are TONS of at-home acne remedies to chase away pesky spots...
Legs Akimbo, Burning Hell And Plucked Turkey! 22 Stages Girls Go Through With A Bikini Wax
They say beauty is pain and they’re dead right. Nothing hurts quite like a beautician going to town on your vajayjay and yet we’re prepared to put ourselves through it because nothing compares with going fuzz free when on vacay...
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