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What to do when cosmetic surgery goes wrong
No surgery is ever 100% risk free. From time to time things go wrong and the results don't turn out to be what you expected. Though no surgeon can guarantee results they shouldn't be wildly different from the predictions...
Going grey: what to do?
Our hair changes over time, and whether you're blonde, brunette or ginger, your hair will fade to grey and even turn to white eventually. It's totally natural, but going grey can be a big worry. Here's our guide to dealing with it...
Hair loss
Hair loss is caused by several factors and can be temporary or serious depending on the case. Here's our guide to dealing with it.
What you need for a hammam
Pamper yourself by plunging into a 50°C steam bath. A hammam is a place entirely dedicated to relaxation and well being, where you escape to pamper yourself. Here are the essentials you need for a hammam...
Essentials for your bath
A bath is a moment of relaxation for both body and mind, so don't forget your candles and soft music to create a calming atmosphere! Here are the essentials you need to get the most out of your bath.
If you want soft skin all year round, you need to exfoliate to renew your skin, keep it in good health and make it radiant. Here's our guide to exfoliating.
Thread lifts
A thread lift (also called a feather, silk, contour or Russian lift) is a non-evasive surgical procedure that reduces wrinkles and sagging but isn't a face lift and doesn't require hospitalization. It involves inserting threads under the skin to correct sagging and make the face look younger...
Have scientists found the secret of eternal youth? DHEA is a hormone the body produces naturally, in reduced quantities as we get older. To fight the ravages of time, experts have developed artificial DHEA to compensate for the decrease in our natural anti-aging hormones as we get older...
Laser hair removal
Getting rid of unwanted, unsightly hair is possible with laser epilation, a procedure that’s both long-lasting and practically painless. Here's our guide to it.
Looking after your nails
Strong nails make for stunning hands. Here are some simple steps to take to ensure your mitts are nothing short of marvellous!
Choosing a moisturizer
Skin that is moisturized glows with health, which is why the choice of moisturizer is so important. From rich textures to subtly fragranced creams, moisturizer can be a real pleasure to apply and makes your skin look and feel gorgeous...
The keys to healthy hair
A woman’s hair is her primary beauty weapon, and we all want silky, shiny, lustrous locks. Healthy hair equals beautiful hair...so here’s our guide to keeping yours shining with health all year round.
Choosing perfume
A perfume should be a veil of scent that reveals your personality, character and emotions. How do you select a perfume that suits you and enhances your beauty? Here’s how to read the secrets of a scent…
Slick to sleek: How to take care of greasy hair
Slicked back, greased-up hair may have a place on the catwalk, but in real life there's nothing we hate more than lank, lacklustre locks.
How to wear perfume
So you’ve found the right perfume, but where should you be using it, and what can you use it on?! Here’s our guide!
Home remedies for perfect skin
To get beautiful skin, you're spoiled for choice in terms of products. But if you want something other than manufactured cosmetics, natural home remedies can work wonders for your complexion. Here are a few of our favourite granny remedies...
Choosing and applying the right foundation
Foundation is essential for flawless-looking skin. Find out how to choose the right foundation for your face among the different types out there, and learn how to apply it perfectly.
Caring for your perm
Looking after your permed curls, waves and crimped locks ensures they remain light and bouncy. Here’s a reminder of how to look after your curls and flaunt a perfect perm!
Want to know the secrets of perfect eyeshadow? There's an art to colouring your eyelids! Here's our guide to getting starry eyes without going over the top.
Eyebrow shaping
The time when having thick eyebrows was fashionable is well and truly in the past. These days, eyebrows are shaped more naturally and proportionally. Discover the steps to take to emphasize your eyes and balance the features of your face...
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