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Choosing and applying the right foundation
Foundation is essential for flawless-looking skin. Find out how to choose the right foundation for your face among the different types out there, and learn how to apply it perfectly.
Choosing perfume
A perfume should be a veil of scent that reveals your personality, character and emotions. How do you select a perfume that suits you and enhances your beauty? Here’s how to read the secrets of a scent…
How to wear perfume
So you’ve found the right perfume, but where should you be using it, and what can you use it on?! Here’s our guide!
Make-up for dark skin
Harmonious, natural-looking make-up is best for dark or matte complexions: it brings out the radiance and light of dark complexions and highlights the beauty and shine of golden skin.
Make-up for fair skin
For porcelain or milk-and-roses complexions, use transparent, barely-there, make-up to enhance your skin’s radiance.
How to apply evening make-up
For a radiant, glamorous effect, evening make-up should be deep and sophisticated. Subdued lighting allows you to play with colours and materials to create a chic, sublime look.
Spot on! Our anti-blemish program for age spots
Age spots are women's third biggest beauty concern after wrinkles and sagging. Discover the causes of age spots and the best ways of treating them.
Face care: guide to flawless skin
If you dream of smooth, radiant skin, then take a look at our selection of creams that are specially targeted to tighten and firm skin. Plus check out our video demonstrations featuring professional application techniques...
The return of floral perfumes
Floral fragrances are making a huge come-back this season. Browse through the latest scents here...
Nature's inspirations
Beauty products straight from nature are a big trend this fall and winter: carrot, tomato, olive, and grape are just a few of the natural ingredients to be found to care for your hands, face, body and hair...
Cosmetics you'll love...
Take a peek at our selection of the latest beauty buys, from high-tech serums and second-skin foundations to extreme glosses and satin lipsticks.
Hair: All change this season!
This season's hair is defined by simple, clean cuts. Take a look at the big hairstyle trends...
In our make-up bags for fall/winter
This fall will see a return to sophistication and to almost unbridled creativity, so it's time to bring your make-up bags up-to-date and adapt your make-up techniques accordingly for the new season...
Tattoos: what's behind them...
What do Popeye, Angelina Jolie, Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill and perhaps your colleague have in common? They all have (or had) tattoos. So much for body art only being for hard nuts, louts or people of little virtue...
Blue lagoon eyes & glossy smiles
Lots of colour and shine really are the way to go this season! Here's our selection of turquoise shades for the eyes and shimmering glosses for the lips.
Treat yourself to tip-top feet
To help you take care of your feet properly, we've put together a selection of pampering salon-style treatments which will do your feet the world of good.
Sunshine: get yourself protected!
With summer now here, it's important to understand the advantages of the sun and be aware of the dangers. Plus, check out the new face and body sun-protection products for tanning without risk.
Fresh scents for hazy days
Take a look at our selection of summer scents, featuring floral, fruity, plant-based and woody scents that evoke fresh air and sun.
Moisturizers: be a summer smoothie!
It's officially summer time and therefore more important than ever to protect your face from the sun's rays. Take a look at our selection of SPF-laden moisturizers and get the lowdown from our experts...
Make-up for a sunkissed glow
Summer's here, and with it come bronzers, glow enhancers and blushers for a sunkissed glow whatever the weather. See our application guidelines and pick up some top tips for faultless sunkissed perfection...
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