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This Toddler Singing Along To Les Miserables Is Freaking Adorable
If you're a fan of Les Miserables, you'll know there is a certain gravitas and intensity to the music, and that is essential that you recreate this every time you sing along to the musical, be it watching the movie...
5 things we love about apple picking
Apple picking is definitely a big fall tradition in Canada, where picturesque apple orchards abound. Aside from being a fun family activity, here are five more reasons to go apple picking... ​
These Kids Tried Lunches From Around The World And Were Clearly Not Impressed
Everyone knows that school lunches are awful. If your mum makes them, they’re boring. If your school makes them, you’re bound to find a hair sooner or later. Or was that just my experience? So to illustrate the trials and tribulations of the school lunch...
Attention All Parents: There Is A Storybook That Can Get Your Kids To Sleep In 20 Minutes
For anyone who has a bambino, they will know the bedtime struggle is real. Taking your little one to bed and hearing the inevitable sound of them getting up again at least 92754 times in the evening is a dreaded guarantee, so what we're about to tell you might just give you your evenings back...
Dads React To Their Daughters Being Catcalled And It's Pretty Heartbreaking
It's imperative that women feel safe on the streets, yet some men find it acceptable to call out to them, try to get their attention or even follow them around. Although everyone knows this is an issue that happens to women every day...
25 Pairs Of Shoes Every Mum Needs In Her Back To School Kit
Stylish but practical shoes are hard to come by, especially if you’re easily distracted by pretty-to-look-at, not-so-easy-to-walk in high heels (guilty as charged.) We've rounded up these fashionable faves so you can put your best foot forward all in time for the morning school run...
25 Fashion Hacks For A Faff-Free School Run
Emerging from your morning routine like a total glamazon is what every mum dreams of but somewhere in between buttering morning bagels, lunchbox prep and dressing screaming kids, your fashion choices get put on the back-burner...
11 Ways To Make Your Kids' Clothes Last Longer
Don't you wish they could just stay cute and small forever? It would solve so many wardrobe issues and a whole lot of dollar too. Luckily, there's a few life hacks out there to help those adorable outfits (and your budget) stretch that little bit further...
This Mom Celebrates Her Daughters with a Powerful Photo Project
Audacity! That's what Kate Parker was able to capture in the photos she took of her daughters Ella, 9 years old, and Alice, 6. Through the lens of her camera, she encourages her daughters to eschew the stereotypes imposed on girls...
Dr. Seuss - His best quotes
Dr. Seuss - His best quotes
20 Pictures Of Hot Men With Babies That Will Make Your Ovaries Explode
There is just something about men with babies, I mean David Beckham holding baby Harper is enough to make our ovaries cry out loud. And since MILF's seem to get all the love, we thought we should appreciate the DILF's...
7 tips for improving the lives of young parents
Time, energy and intimacy are the cornerstone of any healthy relationship yet are sorely lacking in the lives of so many young couples these days. If your bed has only been used for sleep since the kids arrived, these tips are for you...
11 Strange Inventions to Lighten a Mother's Load
Pacifiers that close when they fall, bicycles that transform into small cars, refillable spoons... The number of original inventions for moms will surprise you! And they will help to make your life as a mother a little easier...
25 Photos that Prove a Mother's Love Knows No Bounds and No Boundaries
Magnificent photos, that come to us from the four corners of the earth, reveal that there is nothing stronger than the bond between a mother and her child. Regardless of her reality and the conditions in which she lives, the love of a mother is always unconditional...
This Video Shows Why We Should Love Children For Who They Are
French singer HollySiz's latest music video The Light has an important message (as well as being a total HIT). Let's just say after you've watched this, you'll appreciate how important it is to let you're child be themselves, no matter what...
Create Your Own Sugar Shack!
When you transform Sunday brunch into a homemade, honest-to-goodness sugar shack... you can't go wrong! But where to start? Here is the list of all the items you need to convert your dining room into your own sugar shack...
10 Things that Only Mothers Do
Motherhood is like a private club: you only really understand after you've been admitted. While being a mom comes with hugs and laughter, side effects include some bizarre habits that we never could have imagined before being moms...
10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Becoming a Parent
Raising a child is an adventure full of surprises. No matter how many books you've read, parental forums you've attended, and advice your friends have offered, nothing can fully prepare you to become a parent...
These Easter Egg Hunt Clues Will Keep Your Children On Their Toes
Spring has sprung and Easter is just around the corner. On April 5, children will be searching their yards and knocking each other over just to find the eggs their parents have so carefully hidden. When it comes to candy and free trinkets, children go wild...
15 Things Only Moms Raising Boys Will Truly Understand
Although not all parents have the opportunity to raise a boy, it's safe to say that there's a drastic difference between bringing up a daughter and bringing up a son, with exciting attributes on either side...
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