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10 Tips to Make Breastfeeding Easier
Breastfeeding is a natural phenomenon for which your body prepares throughout your pregnancy. In Canada, 89% of mothers breastfeed their babies at birth. The lack of milk and breastfeeding difficulties are the main reasons given by mothers who stop breastfeeding before the age of 6 months...
This Photographer Lifts the Veil on Breastfeeding – and for a Good Reason!
In an effort to demystify breastfeeding, especially in public, photographer Ivette Ivens has launched a series of photos in which she shows mothers offering their breasts to their children. The pictures are beautiful...
10 Ways Kate and Wills Are Totally Normal Parents
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are certainly not regular folks. Most of us don't call the Queen "Gran", get married at Westminster Abbey, or have a plethora of Palaces to call home. Proud parents of the adorable Prince George and his soon-to-be brother or sister...
6 Ways to Help a New Mother
Your friend just had a baby. More than anything, you want to be there to help and support her in her new role. Of course, your help is invaluable! But make sure you know what she really needs.
Hipster Baby Names We're Loving In 2015
Grandma & Grandpa names are back with a vengeance. What's trending right now? Jasper, Felix, and Floyd. That's right: Florence, Mabel, Maude are no longer names affixed to prescriptions for osteoporosis, they're invading the playground...
7 Thoughts that All New Mothers Have (But that They Will Never Say)
Becoming a mother brings its share of joys and surprises. Being a mom is to make the gift of self. However, there are times when we would like to be a little selfish, like we were when we were childless...
Top 40 Baby Names in Canada
The quest for the perfect name for your baby can be daunting! It's not always easy to settle on a name... especially considering that your baby will have it for a lifetime! It is also not surprising that choosing the right name takes months of reflection (happily, we're given nine...
11 Truths about the Life of a Mom
Each woman experiences motherhood differently. However, there are some truths about being a mom that we can't escape.
Organize a Baby Shower Like a Pro!
Want to host a baby shower for the arrival of your baby or that of a friend, but don't know where to start? Here are some tips to create a unique and successful party!
Prepare to Melt: the 30 Cutest Baby Outfits of All Time
Let's face it: Whether you're already a mom, expecting, or just have random spouts of baby fever, stopping to admire the baby clothes section when you're out shopping is inevitable. Some of the outfits...
Prepare to Melt: the 30 Cutest Baby Outfits of All Time
Let's face it: Whether you're already a mom, expecting, or just have random spouts of baby fever, stopping to admire the baby clothes section when you're out shopping is inevitable. Some of the outfits...
Elimination Communication: How To Potty Train Your Baby Before They Can Even Talk!
Elimination communication is more than just potty training. It's about strengthening the attachment with your baby by truly understanding and responding to their needs.
Would You Trust An App To Look After Your Baby?
The Sproutling baby monitor is an interesting new device that guarantees to make parenting a lot easier. It doesn't just alert you to your baby's cries - it actually predicts when your baby will wake up, what mood they'll be in, and when you should be quieter when going about your business...
The Image From This Newborn Baby Photoshoot Will Make You Wonder If Kids Are Worth It
WARNING: If you're not down with the realities of the ins and outs of parenthood (literally) then you might not want to scroll down. When this Dad and his newborn son posed for a heartwarming family photoshoot, we can almost guarantee this photo is NOT what they had in mind...
New Baby Checklist: The Newborn Essentials Guide That's Budget-Friendly
Alright, mum - you've read all the baby books, your due date is nearing, and we're sure you're panicking a little bit. The best way to ease your anxiety is to be as prepared as possible. This new baby checklist will make your first weeks home with your newborn smooth and problem-free...
The Most Awkward Baby Photos Of All Time
There are two reasons why we love Ellen Degeneres. One, because she's owner of Hollywood's most talented comedy brain contained in the most fabulous crop of all time. Two, because when she asked her viewers to send in their worst baby photos, this happened...
10 WTF Birth Traditions From Around The World
Welcoming a lil' cutie into the world is an amazing experience that binds all women together, regardless of race or nationality. Yet, the customs surrounding a baby's birth differ across cultures. We've...
11 Things You Ought To Know About Attachment Parenting
We don’t blame you if you think Attachment Parenting is a little ridiculous. The image of the judgy granola chick, sporting tie-dyed baby slings, who is utterly devoted to sacrificial parenting rules isn’t that inviting...
Can't Exclusively Breastfeed? Here's The Lowdown On Combination Feeding (Without The Judgment)!
Who knew that a woman’s right to choose would extend to something other than the abortion debate? We see the worst kind of woman-on-woman crime when the topic of breast vs. bottle rears its head. If you're interested in mixed feeding, you've come to a judgment-free zone...
10 Things Only Parents Can Get Away With!
Parenting has its obvious downs - daily contact with poop that isn't yours, catnapping instead of sleeping, and the gradual shrinking of your bank account. It's not easy, but the most best perk is the unconditional love from your child...
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