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Giving Birth

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Photographer Captures Powerful Images Of His Girlfriend’s Labour
Giving birth is usually a private moment shared between your nearest and dearest, but photographer Gustavo Gomes decided to ignore this and photograph his girlfriend's labour, and it's all for a brilliant cause...
Cute babies: Are these the cutest babies ever?
Cute babies: Are these the cutest babies ever?
Sex DURING Childbirth: The Practice Demystified
Sex, during and after pregnancy, is the subject of many articles. However, did you know that sex during childbirth can be beneficial for mom? While the subject is taboo, the issue is real. And so let's speak about the unspeakable...
The Professional, The Chiller Or The Monster: The 8 Types of Women We Turn Into When We Give Birth
Doesn't matter if you're having a home birth, natural birth or begging your OB/GYN to give you pain meds, every woman has her own particular style when it comes to giving birth. Some of us have to scream our way through it, some of us like to make bargains with Mother Nature to get by...
15 Not-So-Cute Facts About Giving Birth
Anxiety can spike in the months before women, particularly first-timers, give birth. Labour is one of the most stressful processes the human body goes through. Luckily, Mother Nature recruited the one gender strong enough to withstand this pain and handle all the yucky...
Baby Doesn't Want To Leave His Mom: Newborn Baby Moves Us To Tears
This new born baby was delivered by C-section and doesn't want to leave his mom to get cleaned up. This incredible video shows the special and instant love that a mother and child have. If you're feeling a bit broody, you're probably gonna need some tissues handy...
How to prepare for a new baby: 5 steps to make things easier
There's nothing more precious than the time you'll spend with your first newborn, but you can make those special moments even better by staying organized and preparing for their arrival. Our favourite newborn expert gave us five tips on getting your house, your health and your mind baby-ready...
Vaginal blood loss: Bleeding during pregnancy
Having a baby can be both the most exciting and worrying time of your life. You have so much to look forward to and yet it's easy to get caught up with the things that spell trouble. Up there at number one is probably blood loss, right...
VBAC delivery: All you need to know about Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
Trying for a vaginal birth after having a previous child by cesarean can be a daunting decision to make. If you're considering VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) you'll want to know all the facts: What it is, how to prepare for it, the risks and complications involved and the rewards...
Yummy baby food recipes for a healthy family
Try these tasty homemade baby food recipes to keep your little one happy...
Everything you need to know about your waters breaking
The idea of your waters breaking during pregnancy can be a bit of a weird concept to get your head around.
Contractions: Everything you need to know
If you're pregnant then it's important to know what to expect when it comes to contractions - so here's our essential guide...
Ways to prepare your man for labor
Heer's how to make sure your partner has the emotional support to be able to deal with a traumatic labor or emergency caesarian
Your assisted delivery questions answered
Pregnant and worried about what could go wrong in labour? Put your mind at ease about assisted delivery.
Water birth: Is it right for you?
Giving birth isn't the most fun thing, let's face it. And that's mainly because it's pretty painful.
Early signs of labor: How to know you're giving birth
It's common to get strange feelings throughout your body during pregnancy, so how do you know when you've actually gone into labor?
Positions for labour: The best positions to give birth
When you think of a woman giving birth, what do you imagine? Is it a woman lying on a bed, legs apart? It might well be, because that's what TV and movies would have us believe is the best labour position...
Maternity bag: 10 things you didn't know you needed
Maternity bag: 10 things you didn't know you needed Finding a list of things to put in your maternity bag ready for the birth of your baby is easy, but what about those extras that you might not have thought of...
Stages of childbirth: childbirth stages in images
Don't be afraid of giving birth. Your body already knows what to do - here's the pictures that prove it.
Epidurals: For or against?
We take a look at the pros and cons of epidurals, along with testimonies from mums and midwives.
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