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Why some women choose to become surrogate mothers
Couples who can’t have their own biological children sometimes use surrogate mothers to make their dream of having a family come true. But what do surrogate mothers have to gain from this practice, which is still considered controversial even today...
QUIZ: Are You Ready To Have A Baby
Maybe you're in the perfect relationship or maybe you're just...ready but if you can't get the thought of baby grows and buggies out of your head then maybe it's time to ask yourself outright - am I ready to have a baby...
This Photo Series Proves That Pregnant Is Sexy
Photographer, Sandi Ford, is setting out to prove that pregnant women are a sexy sight to behold!
What Every Woman Needs To Know About Silent Or Missed Miscarriages
A missed miscarriage or silent miscarriage is something that all women should be aware of. While everyone probably knows what what a miscarriage is, silent or missed miscarriages are much less talked about and that needs to change...
From Sperm Motility to Sperm Count: What Every Couple Needs To Know About His Load
Women change their entire lifestyles to get their bodies ready for growing babies. But since it takes two to tango, it's also important for our men to take a serious look at their habits if they want their seeds to latch on and grow...
Fertility in your 20s: Preparing for pregnancy
In a non-stop world of work stress and financial woes, you really don’t need to add 'fertility freak out' to your growing list of things to fret over, particularly when your biological clock is still on your side...
How to boost his fertility
Don’t despair if your man’s sperm count is low – there are lots of things that can be done about it!
Womb Tube: New YouTube trend sees women reveal pregnancy test results live
Something that used to be very private has now become all kinds of public with a new YouTube trend. There are now over 12,000 videos of women posting footage of themselves online as they wait to discover the results of a pregnancy test...
How to get pregnant fast: 12 top tips for getting pregnant
Trying for a baby can be lots of fun but can also turn into a waiting game. To speed things up try these tips!
Conceiving after a miscarriage: Expert advice
Looking for advice for conceiving after a miscarriage? These experts can help.
Getting pregnant after 35: Everything you need to know
If you're over 35 and trying for a baby here are the things you need to know...
Should I have a baby? Quiz: Am I ready to have a baby?
Have you been asking yourself, should I have a baby? Take our quiz and find out if you're ready to have one...
Why can't I get pregnant?
Read up about some of the problems encountered by couples trying to have children, and discover some of the solutions to help you understand what's going on and what you can do.
Get pregnant fast: Fast ways to get pregnant
Want to get pregnant fast? Follow these ten tips to increase your chances of falling pregnant more quickly.
Acupuncture and fertility | Acupuncture in pregnancy
Acupuncture involves inserting and manipulating needles superficially in the body. It's an alternative medicine that can help with pain relief, fertility and illness as well as promote general wellbeing...
Your conception questions answered: Dr. Dawn Harper
Dr Dawn Harper from Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies answers your fertility questions and reveals how to increase your chances of conceiving...
Early pregnancy symptoms
Want to know if you're pregnant? We bring you our definitive list of early pregnancy symptoms...
Quiz: boost your chances of conceiving
Find out how you can increase your chances of falling pregnant by taking our conception quiz.
Results of fertility survey
A big thank you to all of you who participated in our online Fertility survey: How far is too far? Should women be able to have a child at any age? Should same sex couples have the right to assisted conception...
Ovarian stimulation: who, what and why
Falling pregnant isn't always so straightforward. In the UK, roughly 1 in 7 couples have difficulties conceiving a child. There can be many reasons for this, some linked to the woman, some to the man...
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