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These Easter Egg Hunt Clues Will Keep Your Children On Their Toes
Spring has sprung and Easter is just around the corner. On April 5, children will be searching their yards and knocking each other over just to find the eggs their parents have so carefully hidden. When it comes to candy and free trinkets, children go wild...
15 Things Only Moms Raising Boys Will Truly Understand
Although not all parents have the opportunity to raise a boy, it's safe to say that there's a drastic difference between bringing up a daughter and bringing up a son, with exciting attributes on either side...
10 Reactions Your Friends & Family Have When You Tell Them You're Preggo
Remember how all your friends acted when you told them you were engaged? Well that's probably how they'll react to your pregnancy news as well. With a baby on the way, they'll either be living vicariously through you and buying all the baby clothes or offering their own parenting advice...
9 Indoor Activities to Do With Your Children on a Snow Day
When you're young, snow days are the bomb. I would know, because a "snow day" in Virginia usually just requires a few flakes to fall from the sky to send everyone in a frenzy. Yet once you're working a full-time job...
Mood Swings Every Mom-to-Be Will Have During Pregnancy
One day, you're sitting at the office going about your work and everything is fine. The next, you're sitting under a pile of tissues bawling over a video you just watched of a cat playing with a dog. OK...
This Photo Series Proves That Pregnant Is Sexy
Photographer, Sandi Ford, is setting out to prove that pregnant women are a sexy sight to behold!
19 Hilarious Dad Jokes That Are Too Cringey For Their Own Good
Twitter had a field day when author Mallory Ortberg sent out a simple request out to her followers - "Please tell me the most Dad thing your dad has ever done." Since Dad's are notoriously ridiculous creatures, the responses are naturally absolutely incredible...
The Parenting Lie: What You Envision vs. What Actually Happens
No one becomes a parent thinking it'll be a walk in the park, but all parents hold onto the belief that their children will be a little better than the brats we see on the daily. Unfortunately, that's not true...
Elimination Communication: How To Potty Train Your Baby Before They Can Even Talk!
Elimination communication is more than just potty training. It's about strengthening the attachment with your baby by truly understanding and responding to their needs.
What Every Woman Needs To Know About Silent Or Missed Miscarriages
A missed miscarriage or silent miscarriage is something that all women should be aware of. While everyone probably knows what what a miscarriage is, silent or missed miscarriages are much less talked about and that needs to change...
20 Things You HAVE To Do Before You Have Kids
Believe me - you'll be happy you got all of these things out of the way before you start making babies!
Can Children See Ghosts? What Parents Need To Know
An imaginary friend or a visitor from beyond the grave? You decide.
Would You Trust An App To Look After Your Baby?
The Sproutling baby monitor is an interesting new device that guarantees to make parenting a lot easier. It doesn't just alert you to your baby's cries - it actually predicts when your baby will wake up, what mood they'll be in, and when you should be quieter when going about your business...
12 Ways Grandparents Undermine Your Parenting
The second you pop out a kid you become the recipient of unsolicited and unwanted advice from other parents! Sometimes you can politely smile while backing away, but when it comes to relatives - especially your child's grandparents - pretending to listen isn't so easy...
Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems No One Talks About
Being pregnant ain't a walk in a park. In fact, it kind of sucks. Yes, there are some ladies who love their pregnancy. And then there are some who will NEVER let their kids forget what hell they put their mum through! If you fall into the latter category, you're in trusted company...
Is Your Baby A Boy or Girl? Old Wives Tales For Gender Prediction
Before sonograms we resorted to strange and slightly absurd methods to find out the gender of a baby. Mixing pee with Drano, placing necklaces over your heart, and analyzing the shape of a pregnant woman's face are some popular old wives' tales for gender prediction...
The Image From This Newborn Baby Photoshoot Will Make You Wonder If Kids Are Worth It
WARNING: If you're not down with the realities of the ins and outs of parenthood (literally) then you might not want to scroll down. When this Dad and his newborn son posed for a heartwarming family photoshoot, we can almost guarantee this photo is NOT what they had in mind...
New Baby Checklist: The Newborn Essentials Guide That's Budget-Friendly
Alright, mum - you've read all the baby books, your due date is nearing, and we're sure you're panicking a little bit. The best way to ease your anxiety is to be as prepared as possible. This new baby checklist will make your first weeks home with your newborn smooth and problem-free...
#MiniMeYoga: Parents Challenge Their Kids To Become Yoga Masters
Parents on Instagram and Facebook are turning their little ones into mini yogis! Check out these adorable and amazing photos of kids trying out basic and challenging yoga poses. Some of the moves these kids can do are mind blowing...
Why Do Kids Cut Themselves? Understanding Self-Harm In Children
Self-harm, or purposefully cutting, pulling hair, burning, and bruising one's body, can begin as early as 7 years old. It's difficult to fathom that your child could be deliberating hurting themselves but it's a shocking possibility...
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