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15 of Phoebe Buffay's Funniest Moments During Her Pregnancy
Phoebe Buffay is by far my favorite character on "Friends." Spunky, a little bit all over the place, and full of quirky humor, she delivered some of the most hilarious lines on the show. From her debate with Ross over whether or not evolution is real...
20 Pictures Of Hot Men With Babies That Will Make Your Ovaries Explode
There is just something about men with babies, I mean David Beckham holding baby Harper is enough to make our ovaries cry out loud. And since MILF's seem to get all the love, we thought we should appreciate the DILF's...
Sex DURING Childbirth: The Practice Demystified
Sex, during and after pregnancy, is the subject of many articles. However, did you know that sex during childbirth can be beneficial for mom? While the subject is taboo, the issue is real. And so let's speak about the unspeakable...
7 tips for improving the lives of young parents
Time, energy and intimacy are the cornerstone of any healthy relationship yet are sorely lacking in the lives of so many young couples these days. If your bed has only been used for sleep since the kids arrived, these tips are for you...
11 Strange Inventions to Lighten a Mother's Load
Pacifiers that close when they fall, bicycles that transform into small cars, refillable spoons... The number of original inventions for moms will surprise you! And they will help to make your life as a mother a little easier...
25 Photos that Prove a Mother's Love Knows No Bounds and No Boundaries
Magnificent photos, that come to us from the four corners of the earth, reveal that there is nothing stronger than the bond between a mother and her child. Regardless of her reality and the conditions in which she lives, the love of a mother is always unconditional...
This Video Shows Why We Should Love Children For Who They Are
French singer HollySiz's latest music video The Light has an important message (as well as being a total HIT). Let's just say after you've watched this, you'll appreciate how important it is to let you're child be themselves, no matter what...
This Photographer Lifts the Veil on Breastfeeding – and for a Good Reason!
In an effort to demystify breastfeeding, especially in public, photographer Ivette Ivens has launched a series of photos in which she shows mothers offering their breasts to their children. The pictures are beautiful...
10 Ways Kate and Wills Are Totally Normal Parents
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are certainly not regular folks. Most of us don't call the Queen "Gran", get married at Westminster Abbey, or have a plethora of Palaces to call home. Proud parents of the adorable Prince George and his soon-to-be brother or sister...
6 Ways to Help a New Mother
Your friend just had a baby. More than anything, you want to be there to help and support her in her new role. Of course, your help is invaluable! But make sure you know what she really needs.
Create Your Own Sugar Shack!
When you transform Sunday brunch into a homemade, honest-to-goodness sugar shack... you can't go wrong! But where to start? Here is the list of all the items you need to convert your dining room into your own sugar shack...
10 Things that Only Mothers Do
Motherhood is like a private club: you only really understand after you've been admitted. While being a mom comes with hugs and laughter, side effects include some bizarre habits that we never could have imagined before being moms...
Hipster Baby Names We're Loving In 2015
Grandma & Grandpa names are back with a vengeance. What's trending right now? Jasper, Felix, and Floyd. That's right: Florence, Mabel, Maude are no longer names affixed to prescriptions for osteoporosis, they're invading the playground...
7 Thoughts that All New Mothers Have (But that They Will Never Say)
Becoming a mother brings its share of joys and surprises. Being a mom is to make the gift of self. However, there are times when we would like to be a little selfish, like we were when we were childless...
Top 40 Baby Names in Canada
The quest for the perfect name for your baby can be daunting! It's not always easy to settle on a name... especially considering that your baby will have it for a lifetime! It is also not surprising that choosing the right name takes months of reflection (happily, we're given nine...
11 Truths about the Life of a Mom
Each woman experiences motherhood differently. However, there are some truths about being a mom that we can't escape.
10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Becoming a Parent
Raising a child is an adventure full of surprises. No matter how many books you've read, parental forums you've attended, and advice your friends have offered, nothing can fully prepare you to become a parent...
Organize a Baby Shower Like a Pro!
Want to host a baby shower for the arrival of your baby or that of a friend, but don't know where to start? Here are some tips to create a unique and successful party!
Prepare to Melt: the 30 Cutest Baby Outfits of All Time
Let's face it: Whether you're already a mom, expecting, or just have random spouts of baby fever, stopping to admire the baby clothes section when you're out shopping is inevitable. Some of the outfits...
Prepare to Melt: the 30 Cutest Baby Outfits of All Time
Let's face it: Whether you're already a mom, expecting, or just have random spouts of baby fever, stopping to admire the baby clothes section when you're out shopping is inevitable. Some of the outfits...
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