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10 Weird Facts Every Woman Should Know About Her Butt
Bum. Butt. Arse. Badonkadonk. Whatever you want to call your behind, there’s no way you can stop it being funny. Besides it being the butt of every joke (SORRY), your bum also has some pretty important uses...
11 Things Only Ladies Who Lift Will Understand
Oh, how times have changed. Ten years ago, women wouldn't dare set foot in the weights section at the gym - that was a man's domain. But now, badass bitches are getting up in there and lifting their kgs with the best of 'em...
Toning Your Bum: Ultimate Ways To Firm Up That Butt
Bums. They're everywhere, aren't they? It seems like you always find the best ones blessed unto celebrities and supermodels who can afford to hire a live-in personal trainer to scream in their face as they squat for their lives...
10 Ways You’re Burning Major Calories On Holiday Without Even Knowing It
We all know holidays are the perf excuse to eat and drink everything in sight without even an inkling of guilt. Yeah, you end up eating the restaurant out of complimentary breadsticks, but you deserve it, because all that pool dipping is burning more calories than you think...
10 Incredible Benefits of HIIT Every Girl Needs To Know
We’ve got to that time of year again. The weather’s warm and we want to get fit, but only if it involves sunbathing and eating barbecued food all summer long. It feels almost too hot to go running and the gym is a dark...
15 Ways To Enjoy Wimbledon This Weekend Even If You Know Nothing About Tennis
With Murray Mania well and truly taking over our lives and the gooorgeous sunshine we have been blessed with recently, there's no good reason not to celebrate the Wimbledon final this weekend. That's right - we'll take any excuse for booze and food in the sunshine and what of it...
10 Yoga Lessons that Make Us Better Persons
The benefits of yoga, both physical and psychological, are no longer debated. It sculpts the body while nurturing a feeling of inner peace. But do you know the philosophy behind this practice? When performing yoga postures, it is important to remember its basic principles...
Holiday gift guide for the health nut
Holiday gift guide for the health nut
Sweat Your Way to Good Health: 7 Hot Yoga Benefits You Need to Know
Who would have thought stretching your limbs and "ohm"-ing in a sauna-hot room for 90 minutes could do such amazing things for your health? As it turns out, it really can. From increasing your flexibility to helping you de-stress, here are 7 hot yoga benefits you need to know, stat...
8 Simple (and Easy) Exercises to Build the Body of Your Dreams Without Leaving the House
No time (or budget) to register for a gym – or just not fond of that kind of environment – but you still want to have a good figure? We have the solution! Tone your buttocks, abs, and legs in no time with these exercises you can do at home...
Iron Buttocks : 8 Exercises to Sculpt Your Behind
Buttocks are not just fat! There are muscles in there and that means that they can be toned – no offence to the non-athletes among you. To have an iron butt, you just need to be dedicated. Whether at the gym or at home...
6 of the Best Training Outfits – Good Reasons to Get into Shape!
Getting into shape for the summer: the subject on everyone's lips. Following a training schedule is a challenge in itself. What with work, family, friends, patios... it's easy to lose sight of your goal...
Why It Is So Pleasant to Ski in the Springtime!
Ah, springtime, season of renewal. Days are getting longer, temperatures are getting kinder, winter clothes are going back into the closet, and you can at last enjoy the snow and the sun without the Arctic nipping at you...
Female Running: 9 Qualities of a Jogger
In recent years, running has greatly increased in popularity, for both its physical and mental benefits. Not sure how to get started? Well, take note that jogging benefits its adherents in a number of ways...
9 Habits that All Fit Girls Follow
We all know that girl who is in great shape and has cravings for vegetables. But what is her secret? No, it's not just genetic. In fact, fit people have developed, over the course of years, healthy life habits that allow them to stay in shape (almost) effortlessly...
8 Workouts to Get Yourself in Great Shape this Summer
Want to get into shape for the summer? Or just to feel strong and full of energy? Here are the most popular workout routines at the moment.
Channel Your Inner Ballerina: 10 Awesome Benefits of a Ballet Workout
The more you sweat the more you lose, right? Wrong. With ballet-inspired workouts there's no need to fret over post-gym sweat. These trendy new moves come with some amazing benefits! And as a full body workout and NO injuries involved, we agree, it does sound a bit like a dream...
6 Reasons I Like My Strong Thighs
You know the term thigh gap, the separation between your thighs? Some women and adolescent girls go to inhuman lengths to achieve it. But why should we always be fighting against ourselves? To hell with the dictates of the fashion world: we love our thighs, and this is why...
How To Get A Flat Stomach In 30 Minutes Straight!
A flat stomach is the holy grail of fitness. Although it might seem impossible, getting those wash-board abs CAN be done! Here's everything you need to know to get the sexy stomach you've always wanted (in 30 minutes flat)...
6 great gyms to work out in while in Montreal
It’s tough to keep up with your workouts after a long day at the office or taking care of the kids, but joining a gym can definitely make things a lot easier. If you live or work in Montreal or are just in town for business or pleasure, these popular gyms can keep you on track...
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