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6 easy ways to avoid packing on the pounds this Holiday Season
With all the yummy food and cocktails served at office parties, gift exchanges and family gatherings, December is the worst enemy of every woman who’s watching her figure! There’s certainly no shortage of face-stuffing opportunities this time of year...
You’re exercising for nothing if you also do this
If you, like so many women, go to the gym, practice yoga or do CrossFit to stay in shape, here’s a shocker: all that effort may be in vein if you spend much of your day sitting!
Why do women live longer than men?
While women now live longer than men, this phenomenon is a relatively recent part of our history. So what’s behind this life expectancy gender gap? ​
You Wear These 9 Pieces of Clothing That Threaten Your Health Every Day
We should perhaps review our wardrobe because, without knowing it, we wear clothes and accessories every day that are harmful to our long-term health. Even if you would rather not hear this, it's better to choose health over appearance...
6 Benefits That Attest to Why You Should Try Meditation
The virtues of meditation are well established, but it sometimes remains mired in preconceived notions. It is not about shutting out the world and sitting for hours emptying the mind! Rather, meditative...
Gin O'clock : 13 Ways to Drink Gin That You Haven't Thought of Before
There’s so much more to gin than the basic G&T’s we know and love. So to make you a little more adventurous and help you switch it up a little we've assembled 15 different gin cocktails that you absolutely have to try...
Positive Thinking: The Habit that Will Change Your Life
Do good things happen to positive people? The answer is much simpler than you might think. The world is what it is! Whether we see it as grey, white, or blue, the world remains exactly the same. It all depends on the way we see things...
6 Aches that Prove You Should Be More Active at Work
Sitting all day long leaves us susceptible to a number of minor aches and pains. Moreover, a number of studies have looked at the consequences associated with a prolonged sitting posture. In the long term, people who rarely leave their chairs can be exposed to a number of health problems...
20 Things You Should Never Do In Your Thirties
Put an end to adolescence. You're all grown up now.
10 Of The Best Vegetarian Cookbooks Of All Time
Whether you're a fully fledged vegetarian, or getting involved in #meatfreemonday, we've picked the top of the crops in vegetarian cookbooks to help you make the best vegetarian dishes. From quick and easy recipe roundups to impressively inspired recipe collections...
The Best Songs For Running: Your January Playlist 2015
Heavy breathing, lazy feet and legs like lead, those are just some of the things that NO runner wants to be up against when they’re clocking the miles. If it’s a valuable distraction that you need then a motivational playlist could be all that stands between you and your next workout...
The Berry Superhero: 10 Amazing Benefits Of Cranberry Juice
When we think of cranberry juice most of us automatically think urinary tract infections (UTIs). Glam, we know, but, you'll be surprised to know what else this super drink can do. From protecting your heart to aiding digestion and helping you lose weight...
The Kitchen Queen: 10 Amazing Benefits of Turmeric
Turmeric does A LOT more than just make our curries taste good. For thousands of years turmeric has been used across Asia for it's amazing medicinal properties. From easing upset tummies to helping prevent cancer and keep you glowing, turmeric is the super spice we could all use more of...
12 good reasons for your boyfriend to grow a Mo this November
It’s already November, or as we like to call it, Movember!
WTF? Prostate Cancer Risk Reduced By Having More Sex With MORE Women
One in seven men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year, but we never thought this could influence their outcome. We think we’ve heard it all now…
17 Ways To Boost Your Energy Naturally This Season
As the clocks take a backward turn, many of us are going to feel the effects of shorter days and darker evenings. From comfort eating to feeling under the weather and constant oversleeping it's safe to say that those 'winter blues' are on their way back...
Be Confident! How To Be The Strongest Version Of You
Many of us have moments of insecurity and low self-esteem but don't let it get you down! Confidence isn't as difficult as people make it out to be. There are TONS of pick-me-ups for an instant confidence boost, like wearing red, learning something new and fighting off negative thoughts...
The Undervalued Superfood: 11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mushrooms
It's National Mushroom Day - a whole 24 hours to dedicated to what many people consider a miracle food! Mushrooms have powerful effects on your health. With immune boosting properties, vitamins, fiber, and tons of ​antioxidants it's fair to say they have a lot to offer our bodies...
How Often Do You Check Your Breasts? 15 Tips On How To Check Your Boobs
In Canada over 24,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Every woman is at risk of breast cancer, but the earlier cancer is spotted the better the chances are to cure it. And, quite literally, detection is in your hands...
Live A Healthier Life! 9 Health Problems To Be Aware Of In Your 20s
Being young, healthy and fit is ideal but not exactly a reality. From painful periods to achy feet and loose bowels, thousands of young adults suffer from these common symptoms. But could they mean something serious? You should never write something off as a 'one time thing...
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