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Top 10 yoga positions for all over toning
We all know that yoga is great for keeping in shape, but did you know the top exercises to tone up? Nahid de Belegonne shares her yoga secrets.
The 3-day diet – weight loss miracle or major fad?
The 3-day diet - is it just another fad?
5 simple ways to exercise at work
Don't get enough time for your job and your fitness? Here's how to make your working day into one big workout.
The secrets to sun safety
The sun is out! But not to be buzz-kills, this is when you really need to think about your health. So here's what the experts suggest.
The Fricker method
You might not have heard of the Fricker Method but if you want a way to lose weight without having to crash diet then you might want to pay attention. The Fricker diet, also known as the High Speed Diet, was created by Dr...
The ultimate 10-minute workout for bikini confidence
Fast and effective workouts are every woman’s dream. Nobody wants to be sweating away in a gym for longer than they have to. So when we heard that 10-minute exercises can actually be the most effective way to keep fit, we jumped at the chance to find out what they were...
Stacy Keibler’s diet secret – The Clean Cleanse Program
Want to know the latest celebrity detox secret? Find out how stars like Stacy keep trim...
Postnatal fitness: How to lose weight after a baby
Tone up your mommy tummy with these top tips for postnatal exercise from the industry's fitness experts.
Chlorella smoothies: The secret green smoothie that stars and supermodels swear by!
OK we get it, celebrities like sipping on a healthy smoothie or two, but there is something about the latest smoothie trend that has caught our eye. The mysterious green concoction has appeared in selfies on Twitter from model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley...
The Alkaline Diet
The Alkaline Diet The alkaline diet – If you hadn’t realized, 2013 is the year that we all go hardcore for health. Now this can be great, getting a bit more clued up about healthy eating is obviously a winner...
Hay fever survival guide
This summer doesn't have to be like the rest, our quick guide will give you all the tools you need to manage your symptoms and understand your allergies!
Bootcamp exercises for a full body blitz
Is your body in need of a serious kick up the booty? Find out how to get yourself into the best shape of your life with these bootcamp inspired exercise tips!
How to speed up your metabolism and lose weight fast
Want to know how to lose the maximum amount of weight with the least effort? Start by boosting your metabolism!
The Master Cleanse diet - mad or fab?
Like the idea of drinking 12 cups of maple syrup a day to lose weight? Well if it works for Beyonce, Naomi Campbell and Anna Friel you might want to start?
12 of the best fat-burning foods to stay slim
Want to know which foods can help your body to burn fat? Heer are 12 of the best!
How to deal with depression without medication
Medication isn't the only way to get back on track when you suffer from depression. See these expert tips to doing it naturally.
The five and two diet: 5:2 diet explained
Fasting sounds like a nightmare right? Well the 5:2 diet is supposed to be the healthy, easy way to lose weight fast!
The Macrobiotic Diet
Want to know the secret to Madonna and Gwyneth's bangin' celeb' bods'? Well this is the diet that's responsible for those svelte figures.
IBS Diet: Relieving bowel symptoms
If you suffer from IBS then these tips can really help.
How to get a smaller waist & sculpt your curves
Want to know how to have a waist like Kim Kardashian or Beyonce - here's the exercises to need to live by!
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