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How Yoga Changed My Life: I Realised My Body Deserves More
Yoga is many different things to many different people. For some it's a religion; for others, a workout. I fall somewhere in between the two. In theory, yoga seemed like an activity that would allow me to learn something new, lose a little weight, and get a little toned...
Why You Should Go Nowhere Near A 'Waist Trainer'
Great. Another thing you should add to the list of 'Things The Kardashians Do That You Should Never, Ever Try' (ahem sex tape, Kanye West... the list goes on). Khloe Kardashian recently posted a selfie wearing Kim's 'Waist Trainer' and trust us, it was all kinds of wrong...
23 Things Dieters Say That We So Don't Want To Hear
We all know a dieter or two that just can't help themselves, they feel obliged to overshare their food scrutiny. From counting calories to fat shaming, there are plenty of phrases dieters repeat that we NEVER want to hear...
10 Things You ACTUALLY Need To Know About Vitamin D
Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin that we just can't get enough of. Literally. Studies show that anywhere from 70 to 97 percent of the Canadian population may be deficient in this essential vitamin. It's probably why you feel lethargic and are prone to colds - talk about being under the weather...
All You Need To Know About The Amazing Benefits Of Garlic
Garlic, the underrated health hero better known to flavor dishes (and blamed for its bad breath tendencies) is our latest obsession. With infection fighting power, immune boosting vitamins and anti-aging benefits, chowing down on garlic has never come so easy to us...
What To Eat Before Your Workout: 10 Snacks To Burn Fat, Energize And Tone
Most people shy away from chowing down before working out but evidence says that skipping meals before exercise is actually a big mistake. So can eating before hitting the gym really help you get more out of your workout...
Quit The Excuses! 50 Motivational Fitness Quotes To Get Your Ass In Shape
We don't know how it's happened, but over the last six months we've become the kind of girls who can't resist a motivational quote. Especially fitness quotes. As we all know (a little too well), it's hard to get off that sofa...
27 Habits Every Girl Should Pick Up In Her Twenties
Your twenties are the perfect decade to set yourself some good habits that'll last a lifetime. Here are the rules for a happier, healthier forever...
Monday To Friday Health Hacks: 17 Easy Ways To Make Your Days A Whole Lot Healthier
Want to be super heathy but can't find the time to prep your lunch or to go to that Tabata class? Making big changes to your lifestyle is no easy feat, but it's amazing what a few tiny tweaks can do. That's why we've come up with 17 ways to help you become more energetic...
8 Dieting Myths BUSTED: What NOT To Believe When Losing Weight
We can all get sucked in by hype sometimes but most of the time that pill which promises to shift 10lbs in a week, just isn't gonna work. But with so much misinformation around dieting, how can you ever know what's true and what's BS...
The Truth About Lady Bits: 20 Facts You Might Not Know About Your Vagina
Your vagina is pretty darn amazing - it has the power to give birth, self-clean and keep you and your partner pretty happy (endorphins anyone?). But there's still a fair few facts about our vajayjays that might take you by surprise...
Make Your Morning Commute Count: Stimulate Your Brain Before Work
The commute to work can be a struggle, especially if you're pressed up against the doors of the subway car, dodging people's sneezes or sitting in never-ending traffic. It's easy to carry that stress...
The Best Ways To Add Fiber Into Your Diet
One nutrient that is totally underrated - and under-consumed - is fiber. A look at your diet may reveal that you're not eating the recommended amount of 25 grams per day. Fiber helps to keep you full and aids your digestive system in the process...
9 Reasons to Pour Yourself a Glass of Red Wine
The existence of red wine is proof that the universe wants us to be happy. End of discussion. But can all the health claims about red wine actually be true? We're guessing you don't need many more reasons to reach for a glass of red, but these eight health benefits might just help...
Be Green. Lose Weight. Live Longer. 5 Reasons To Get On Guilt-Free Flexitarian Diet
With a fading confidence in public food standards (horsemeat anyone?!) it’s no surprise that we're seeing a shift in the way we eat. Which is why we’re all obsessing over flexitarianism. It’s flexible...
Oil Pulling: What It Is And Why You HAVE To Try It
Want white teeth, gorgeous gums and one seriously healthy body? Swilling oil for 20 minutes a day could get you just that. Yes, it sounds awful and most of you won't have ever heard of it, but trust us if the claims are true, oil pulling is one of the health world’s best kept secrets...
The 10 Best YouTube Tabata Workouts To Get Fit Fast
What if we told you that you could achieve the physical benefits of an hour-long cardio workout in just four minutes flat? Well, the ass-kicking Tabata exercise craze claims to do just that, and ladies, you've GOT to try out it for yourselves...
Exercise Life Hacks: Easy Ways To Burn An Extra 500 Calories
We all have to work hard to find enough hours in the day to work, eat healthy, and keep ourselves in tip top shape. Sometimes, it’s tough to keep ourselves on top, and exercise inevitably slips by the wayside...
Why Am I Not Losing Weight? 10 Ways To Make Your Workout Work
Ever look in the mirror after month of hardcore working out and think "WTF?!" We've all been there. Working out at the gym for hours and seeing only a few pounds shift off the scale is incredibly frustrating...
Quicker Metabolism? Healthier Heart? Smoother Skin? 12 Surprising Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil
There's a reason why coconut oil is everywhere right now. If you want healthy-looking skin, a great metabolism, and a healthy heart then coconut oil is the way to get all three. Over the last couple of...
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