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WTF? Prostate Cancer Risk Reduced By Having More Sex With MORE Women
One in seven men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year, but we never thought this could influence their outcome. We think we’ve heard it all now…
17 Ways To Boost Your Energy Naturally This Season
As the clocks take a backward turn, many of us are going to feel the effects of shorter days and darker evenings. From comfort eating to feeling under the weather and constant oversleeping it's safe to say that those 'winter blues' are on their way back...
18 Sweet And Savoury Ways To Cook Your Pumpkin
Looking to make something ghoulishly good this Halloween? We've got just the answer for you. Pumpkin. Trust us, it's the wonder ingredient that tastes amazing in sweet and savoury dishes. We've found...
Be Confident! How To Be The Strongest Version Of You
Many of us have moments of insecurity and low self-esteem but don't let it get you down! Confidence isn't as difficult as people make it out to be. There are TONS of pick-me-ups for an instant confidence boost, like wearing red, learning something new and fighting off negative thoughts...
6 great gyms to work out in while in Montreal
It’s tough to keep up with your workouts after a long day at the office or taking care of the kids, but joining a gym can definitely make things a lot easier. If you live or work in Montreal or are just in town for business or pleasure, these popular gyms can keep you on track...
Time To Quit: Here's Why You're About To Give Up Soda
Got a Coca-Cola addiction? Science has confirmed that your innocent bottle of soda could be doing you more harm than good. According to new stats, drinking carbonated drinks regularly can be just AS BAD as smoking...
The Undervalued Superfood: 11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mushrooms
It's National Mushroom Day - a whole 24 hours to dedicated to what many people consider a miracle food! Mushrooms have powerful effects on your health. With immune boosting properties, vitamins, fiber, and tons of ​antioxidants it's fair to say they have a lot to offer our bodies...
Boost Your Brain Power! The 10 Best Foods For Your Brain
Feeling sluggish and out of sync? Chances are you're probably low on energy. But that doesn't mean you need a cat nap or a sugary energy drink to give you a boost. Change the way you feel naturally with FOOD (we're not saying no to that, amirite?)...
10 Healthy Snack Foods That Aren't All That Healthy
Ever wonder if you're being lied to? Turns out knowing which of our favorite healthy bites are ACTUALLY beneficial and which one's are nothing but a hoax is way more complicated than you might think. But ladies - we got it covered...
Muffin Tops Be Gone! Everything You Need To Know About The Wheat Belly Diet
We couldn't help but raise our eyebrows when the wheat belly diet hit the USA. Is 'whole hearty wheat' really a burden to good health? Well according to Wheat Belly author and cardiologist, Dr. William Davis, it is! Intrigued? So were we...
How Often Do You Check Your Breasts? 15 Tips On How To Check Your Boobs
In Canada over 24,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Every woman is at risk of breast cancer, but the earlier cancer is spotted the better the chances are to cure it. And, quite literally, detection is in your hands...
Live A Healthier Life! 9 Health Problems To Be Aware Of In Your 20s
Being young, healthy and fit is ideal but not exactly a reality. From painful periods to achy feet and loose bowels, thousands of young adults suffer from these common symptoms. But could they mean something serious? You should never write something off as a 'one time thing...
10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds
Don't be fooled, aside from carving spooky faces and baking pumpkin pies there are tons of other things pumpkins are good for, like your health! Especially when it comes to pumpkin seeds. Whether you're munching on them as a quick snack or sprinkling them into your salads...
SPF Diet: 10 Foods To Protect Your Skin From The Sun
Even when fall comes around it's still so important to look after your skin. It's something of a full time job. But did you know that covering yourself in sunscreen isn't the only way to protect your skin from sun damage...
Less Anxiety, More Creativity And Improved Health: The 10 Benefits of Meditation
The majority of us are mentally multi-tasking our way to an early grave. We don't need to stress you even more by listing the reasons why, it's obvious: life is hard. But CEOs, politicians and OPRAH are all channeling that stress into a success story using a technique which can boost brain power...
Screw The Gym! A Glass Of Red Wine Could Be Just As Beneficial As One Hour At The Gym
Sounds like an ambitious statement, right? Well, we're serious. Science says that a single glass of red wine could actually carry the same heath benefits as a one hour sweat session at the gym! So if...
Restore Your Health And Vitality! How To Balance Your Hormones Naturally
Crappy moods, low energy and unexplained weight gain? These are ALL symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Before your mind skips straight to menopause, hormonal problems can actually affect women of ANY age and YOU could be one of them...
Is Oil Good For You? The Amazing Health Benefits Of Avocado Oil, Walnut and More!
Is oil good for you? Yes! Despite popular belief that oil is fattening, if you pick the right one, oils can actually provide your body with nutrients to help you function better. From avocado oil to walnut oil to argan, there are plenty healthy oils you need to know about...
Why Exercising In The Morning Is The Best Decision You'll Ever Make
While waking up at the crack of dawn and dragging your feet out the door isn't ANYONE's idea of a good morning, you may be surprised to find out how much it can really change your life. In fact, working out in the morning will probably be the best decision you'll ever make...
Everything You Need To Know About The Anti Inflammatory Diet
Inflammation is thought to be the root cause to many serious illnesses as well as the reason you feel fatigued and generally all out of sorts. BUT there is a way you can help counteract it. The Anti-Inflammatory Diet involves trading in highly processed foods with pure...
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