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The 8 Surprising Benefits of Eating Blueberries You Never Knew
Search through any #cleanandlean and #eatinghealthy hashtags and what do you see? Blueberries. Ever-y-where. In the health and fitness world these tiny berries from North America are healthy eating 101 and for good reason...
10 Ways You’re Burning Major Calories On Holiday Without Even Knowing It
We all know holidays are the perf excuse to eat and drink everything in sight without even an inkling of guilt. Yeah, you end up eating the restaurant out of complimentary breadsticks, but you deserve it, because all that pool dipping is burning more calories than you think...
10 Incredible Benefits of HIIT Every Girl Needs To Know
We’ve got to that time of year again. The weather’s warm and we want to get fit, but only if it involves sunbathing and eating barbecued food all summer long. It feels almost too hot to go running and the gym is a dark...
20 Deliciously Simple Mocktail Recipes You Have To Try
Who needs alcohol when mocktails taste this good? Chilled, fruity and delicious, these cocktails sans the booze are easy to make and perfect for all occasions.
15 Ways To Enjoy Wimbledon This Weekend Even If You Know Nothing About Tennis
With Murray Mania well and truly taking over our lives and the gooorgeous sunshine we have been blessed with recently, there's no good reason not to celebrate the Wimbledon final this weekend. That's right - we'll take any excuse for booze and food in the sunshine and what of it...
You Wear These 9 Pieces of Clothing That Threaten Your Health Every Day
We should perhaps review our wardrobe because, without knowing it, we wear clothes and accessories every day that are harmful to our long-term health. Even if you would rather not hear this, it's better to choose health over appearance...
6 Benefits That Attest to Why You Should Try Meditation
The virtues of meditation are well established, but it sometimes remains mired in preconceived notions. It is not about shutting out the world and sitting for hours emptying the mind! Rather, meditative...
10 Yoga Lessons that Make Us Better Persons
The benefits of yoga, both physical and psychological, are no longer debated. It sculpts the body while nurturing a feeling of inner peace. But do you know the philosophy behind this practice? When performing yoga postures, it is important to remember its basic principles...
9 Delicious (& Healthy!) Snacks to Replace Chips
Crispy and salty, it's hard to resist potato chips. The very things that make them irresistible should make us wary of them: they are salty, full of saturated fat, and they go right to our thighs! Here are some crunchy and healthy alternatives to replace those nasty chips...
Holiday gift guide for the health nut
Holiday gift guide for the health nut
Gin O'clock : 13 Ways to Drink Gin That You Haven't Thought of Before
There’s so much more to gin than the basic G&T’s we know and love. So to make you a little more adventurous and help you switch it up a little we've assembled 15 different gin cocktails that you absolutely have to try...
Sweat Your Way to Good Health: 7 Hot Yoga Benefits You Need to Know
Who would have thought stretching your limbs and "ohm"-ing in a sauna-hot room for 90 minutes could do such amazing things for your health? As it turns out, it really can. From increasing your flexibility to helping you de-stress, here are 7 hot yoga benefits you need to know, stat...
The Top 5 Cocktails to Enjoy the Summer
Finally – the sun is back! What a winter! To make the most out of this great weather, we need some quick, easy, and (above all) refreshing cocktails, perfect to help you and your friends enjoy a sunny happy hour or to lengthen balmy nights on balconies and terraces...
Positive Thinking: The Habit that Will Change Your Life
Do good things happen to positive people? The answer is much simpler than you might think. The world is what it is! Whether we see it as grey, white, or blue, the world remains exactly the same. It all depends on the way we see things...
15 Recipes That Prove Vegetarian Protein Is Way Better Than Meat
We've all heard some ridiculous reasons not to go veggie but not having enough vegetarian protein isn't one of them. Beans, eggs, kale and tofu are just a few meat-free ingredients that banish the idea...
25 Game-Changing Ways to Eat Donuts
There's nothing bad we can say about donuts. OK... maybe the calorie count isn't so great, but that's just a minor detail. Fluffy, delicious and available in so many flavors, these bad boys are pretty much suitable to eat at any time of the day...
15 Easy BBQ Recipes You Have To Try This Summer
Nothing says summer like a good old BBQ, and this summer we have you covered. From tequila-glazed chicken, to salt and vinegar potato wedges we have all the easy BBQ recipes you need to celebrate the warm weather...
8 Simple (and Easy) Exercises to Build the Body of Your Dreams Without Leaving the House
No time (or budget) to register for a gym – or just not fond of that kind of environment – but you still want to have a good figure? We have the solution! Tone your buttocks, abs, and legs in no time with these exercises you can do at home...
6 Aches that Prove You Should Be More Active at Work
Sitting all day long leaves us susceptible to a number of minor aches and pains. Moreover, a number of studies have looked at the consequences associated with a prolonged sitting posture. In the long term, people who rarely leave their chairs can be exposed to a number of health problems...
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