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Swimming Workouts - 7 of the best toning exercises
Wanting to work out in the water? Here are the moves you need to be pulling.
The Dash Diet
Ever wanted to get a flat stomach, more energy and a healthy heart all at the same time – all without massive changes to your exercise routine? Then The DASH diet is for you!
How to tone your thighs - exercises for super toned thighs
Having a good pair of legs is always a bonus, so if you want to get those thighs toned and trim, read on.
Dairy Free Diet
Cutting out dairy from your diet might sound more pain than gain but trust us, if Megan Fox can look this good 3 months post pregnancy, a dairy free diet might just be a genius idea.
How to get toned abs
Want to have a washboard stomach? Try these exercises!
The Baby Food Diet
The baby food diet doesn't sound like the most appetizing diet to try, mainly because it's not.
Skirting the issue: Female boxers enter the ring
The 2012 London Olympics marked the first year that boxing was inaugurated as a female event. It was a huge victory for women’s sports—and affirmation of what a great choice boxing is for women everywhere, amateurs included...
Biggest loser diet
The Biggest Loser diet sounds like the answer to every dieter's prayers - "Biggest? Loser? I'm in!"
Stretch marks: Prevention and treatment
Stretch marks aren't the prettiest things, but there some clever little tricks you can use to deal with them.
How to get rid of a muffin top
Want to banish that spare tire around your middle? Here's how!
Booze break: 5 tips to stick to it
Thinking you need bit of time off the booze? Here's five tips to make sure you stick to it!
Best weight-loss diets for 2013
If your New Year's resolution to lose those extra pounds you'll want to check out these brand new diets...
How to keep your New Year's resolutions
How can you stick to your New Year's resolutions? Read on for some top tips...
How to get rid of a double chin: Exercises for a chiseled chin
Trouble getting rid of that chin? Heer are the exercises you need to know about to tone up that chin.
How to avoid a hangover: Top tips for partying
Love to party hard but hate the horrendous hangovers? Read these tips!
Shaping up before the holidays
Prepping before the hectic holidays is a good way to ensure that you go into the celebrations feeling healthy, light, and with strong intentions to stay that way.
Japanese diet: healthy diet plan from Japan
Lots of Japanese women and men have seriously enviable bodies - washboard stomachs, toned legs and not a sprinkling a cellulite on their pert bottoms.
Preparing yourself for winter sports
Get prepared for your winter sports holiday!
Stress relief: How to destress your life
Life can be stressful, but with these easy, simple tips you can remove that added stress from your life.
The lemon diet: how to lose weight in a week
Lemon can have staggering effects on weight loss, so get zesting if you want to lose weight and increase your vitality.
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