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Spice up your sex life with seductive Christmas gifts
For many couples, the Holiday Season isn’t a very romantic time of year. All those family gatherings and visitors can certainly put a damper on your sex life!
I Knew My Boyfriend Was Cheating But I Stayed With Him Anyway
We all know the rule: he cheats, you call it quits. Once a cheat, always a cheat and all that. But when it actually happens, how many women have the strength to leave? I know I didn’t...
QUIZ: What Type Of Girlfriend Are You?
Have you ever looked at your friend's partner and just thought 'what are they thinking?!' Some couples just don't make sense to others because everyone is different, so needless to say that if you're in a relationship, you are a certain type of girlfriend yourself...
QUIZ: Why Am I Still Single?
You're funny, charming, and intelligent - so WHY are you still single? Although being single isn't a bad thing AT ALL, you're ready to be in a relationship and dammit, you have NO gentleman callers! So what's the problem...
Not Sure If He Likes You? This Quiz Has All The Answers...
If you're not sure if he really likes you, or if it's just wishful thinking then don't worry! Our quiz is spot on (if we do say so ourselves) and will give you an insight into what's going on in his oh-so-confusing man brain...
5 Ways To Get Over Someone Without Going Totally Crazy
Oh Love, you beautiful son of a b*tch. In an ideal world, a break up would be a happy occasion: you’d both agree with a hearty laugh that having sex with each other makes your respective skins crawl, you’d each get all the things you wanted from the flat you’re both moving out of (him: the Xbox...
17 Things You Should Never Say To A Dog Lover
If you tend to think that your dog is better than most people, you already know that they are one of the family. So when other people who don't know any better (or, dare we say it, cat lovers *shudder*) say anything negative about our pet pooches...
Long-Distance Marriages Are 100% Sustainable & Better for Your Health
When you see your spouse every day, frustration and bickering are bound to occur. Driving each other up the wall is inevitable, and every so often giving one another space is essential for a healthy marriage...
I Let My Boy BFF Dress Me For Dates & This Is What Happened
The stress of finding an outfit to wear on dates is on of the reasons why I don't like dating. That and the fact that no one is asking, but that's another story. So I gave my boy BFF the challenge of dressing me for five dates...
Why You Probably Shouldn't Marry Your First & Only Serious Boyfriend
One day we'll get a dog. That's what my first serious boyfriend and I used to say to each other as we planned our future together as naive teenagers. Little did I know, we wouldn't make it past my freshman year of college and only dated two years...
Signs that It's Time to Leave Him
Have you ever ended a relationship only to wonder how it could ever have begun? When one is head-over-heels in love, it is difficult to see things right-side-up, and we may realize too late that the relationship made no sense...
The Sexbuddy: Some Good Reasons to Dive In
"Fuckfriend," "friend with benefits," or "fuck buddy," several expressions that describe a person who plays a special role in our lives and punctually satisfies us sexually without investing any romantic feelings...
Sleeping Together Is More Restful, It's Official!
Are you one of those who believes that sleeping with someone keeps you from sleeping well? Well, rest assured that science has shown that there is a positive correlation between sleeping with somebody and the quality of your sleep...
17 Things that Only Successful Couples Understand
Is there a magic formula behind successful relationships? Unfortunately not. However, a few essential ingredients are the basis of any long-term relationship. Here are 17 things that solid couples understand...
12 Boy Mistakes Every Girl Makes On A Girls' Night Out
Ladies, how many times have you gone on a night out and made a complete and utter HOT MESS of yourself? Far too many to count, right? It's time to take a trip down memory lane and remind ourselves of all the man mistakes we've had to LIVE and LEARN...
20 Creative Date Night Ideas To Keep Your Relationship Fresh And Exciting
A date night consisting of nothing more than dinner and a movie can grow monotonous, especially after you've been with your partner for awhile. No one wants to sit around and watch the romance and excitement fizzle in their relationship...
10 Stupid Arguments That Show Your Relationship Might Be Doomed
Ever thought about how stupid and petty some of the arguments you and your BF have had were? We're not talking about bickering over the TV or how to stack the dishwasher properly. We're talking about those heated evening long arguments that involve door slamming, tears, and all kinds of yelling...
25 Thoughts You Probably Have When Moving In With Your Boyfriend
So you've been together a while now, and having quiet sex while your parents or roomies are in, is getting a little tedious. Plus, you're in your mid-twenties, which means it’s time to take the next step in your relationship...
The Best Dating Apps (Besides Tinder) You Need To Try In 2015
We ALL know Tinder is notorious for being the hook-up app. And while that's all great and dandy, it doesn't help much when you're looking for some real commitment. Sure there are success stories, but the odds are generally not in your favour...
Break Up Advice – How To Let Someone Down Gently
Breaking up is never easy. No one wants to hear those hurtful cluster of words,"I am just not that into you." Ouch! It hurts just thinking about it. But is it actually possible to let someone down gently...
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