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How to make a long distance relationship work
Long distance relationships aren't always easy. However, a few very simple basics can help you deal with a long distance relationship in the best possible way.
Alfresco sex
As you read these very lines, 84,000 people around the world are having sex outdoors! Although bed remains the number 1 choice of location, we all fantasize about making amore in unusual places. The most common such fantasy is in a lift, but outdoors is a big attraction too...
How to do a striptease
What better than a striptease to tantalise and turn him on? Here's our guide to mastering the art of sexy stripping.
What to do if a condom splits?
Condoms are a method of contraception and the only way of protecting against sexually transmitted diseases or infections. However, they can tear during sex. What should you do if a condom splits and what protection do you need...
The art of kissing
Are you familiar with the French kiss? This sensual kiss, practiced by lovers the world over, is perhaps the most well-known, but there are many more ways of kissing! From technique to faux pas, here's all about smooching...
Lack of sex drive
If your sex life has dried up and you can't remember the last time you got it on with your partner, the most shocking thing might be that you're not actually missing sex. This can be a worry, but there's no cause for panic! There's an explanation for everything, and ways of solving the problem...
What is love?
What is the intense emotion that overcomes us when we look at or think about that special someone? How do you know you're in love? Why does it feel so good? Does it last for a lifetime? We take a look at the age-old mystery and wonder of that crazy little thing called love...
Feminine hygiene
The genital area is particularly sensitive and has to be treated differently to the rest of your body. Here's what to do - and what not to do - for impeccable hygiene Down There.
The male genitals
The male genitals were a symbol of power in ancient times, and today they're still synonymous with virility! The male genitalia are more exposed than the female sex organs, and we think we know everything about them...
First time sex
Afraid of getting intimate, fear of it hurting or simply not knowing what you should be doing… Having sex for the first time can be worrying for many reasons. Read our advice so you can feel more comfortable about taking the plunge...
Kama Sutra
We’ve all heard about this mythical book. Where does it come from? What does it reveal? Delve into the secrets of the Kama Sutra...
Doggy style sex
The doggy position has become one of the most popular positions for couples in search of intense pleasure. This position is often said to be the best for reaching the famous G spot. Here’s a quick look at a position loaded with fantasy...
The G spot
No, the G spot isn’t a myth! Find and familiarize yourself with this erogenous zone, which is the source of powerful orgasms...
Tender, sensual foreplay arouses desire and is an integral part of our sex lives. Good foreplay helps develop confidence and intimacy in a relationship.
Oral sex tips - how to give the best blow jobs
Most men love oral sex. Some men even prefer a blow job to full sex. So as oral sex is such a big deal for the boys, we ought to know how to do it well.
Long distance love
Distant relationships aren't always easy. However, a few very simple basics can help you deal with separation in the best possible way. Here are some tips on making a long distance relationship work.
Anal sex
Anal sex is something a lot of us aren't comfortable talking about, either because we think it would hurt or just because it's a bit of a taboo subject.
Female masturbation
Female masturbation is all about orgasms and release through clitoral stimulation. All about solo pleasure...
Oral sex for her
Oral sex on women, or cunnilingus, involves stimulating the genitals with the mouth. Here are some explanations.
How to make him want you
If you're single check out our 35 top tips on how to make him want you and if you're already coupled up use this as a guide for how to make your man want you even more.
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