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Play Dead & Make A Fist? 11 Ridiculous Vintage Sex Tips
We learned a lot in the 19th century. But how to have a rockin' good time in the sack is NOT one of them. These hilarious tips for new wives from the worst 'sexpert' in the world are enough to stop any budding freak-fest in its tracks...
OMGeeee: How To Have A G-Spot Orgasm
Don't you just love getting off? We sure as hell do. So it's no wonder we're always on the prowl for ways to get us *there* faster and harder. The G-spot is IT! Magic happens! Admittedly, achieving an orgasm via your G can be a bit of a task...
Why Is He Distant? The Real Reasons Men Pull Away
Things don't feel the same and have no idea why? Wondering why your man's been acting strange? Men aren't ALWAYS to blame for a relationship breakdown. In fact, we know a few good reasons why men back the hell up from their women...
'You Can't Change Someone' And Other Dating Advice We Give But Don't Listen To
Every time one of the girls asks for relationship advice we start dishing out mantras, tips and love lessons and insisting our friends should listen to us. What's worse, we can't even justify what we've said (because we don't live by it)...
Commitment? Respect? 9 Things We Learned From The One That Got Away
When we realize we let an amazing person walk out of our lives, coping can become almost impossible. It's absolutely gut-wrenching. But with all the pain considered, it's important to remember that there's always something to gain...
The Apple Of His Eye! 25 Signs You're A Total Daddy's Girl
Remember when you used to rely on your dad for absolutely everything? From running you around town to dealing with your good-for-nothing boyfriends? Truth is, we've never really stopped. Bratty? Spoiled? No and no...
I'm SO Excited' To 'Crazy Bachelorette Parties': The 22 Stages Of Being A Bridesmaid
Being a bridesmaid is one of life's greatest honours right? Well yeah... kinda. From having to pay for everything to wearing THAT dress, the journey from engagement to wedding day can be a rocky ole road...
'Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just You?' 12 Types Of Guys We Meet On A Night Out
On a girls night out there'll always be some creep or another trying to get your digits. Whether it's the thrusting pervert, the full-frontal stalker, or the grandad who's 20 years your senior, there are umpteen kinds of guys we're guaranteed to meet on a night out...
How To Catch A Cheater: 12 Ways To Prove He's Stepping Out
Many of us, at some point, have thought our boyfriends were stepping out on the relationship (FYI: WORST feeling in the world). But we weren't always sure how to prove whether or not we were with a two-timing man...
Decode Your Boyfriend! 23 Things Men Think But Don’t Say
Men are smarter than we think. The majority of the time, guys like to keep things to themselves (sometimes it pays to be an introvert). But that still doesn’t stop us from wondering what the hell is actually going on in their minds...
15 Reasons You Should NEVER Make a Sex Tape
If you're thinking about making a sex tape, don't. Sorry, not sorry. While we're far from prudish, the risk involved in filming an erotic escapade is enough to keep us blushing (and not from a steamy romp either)...
From Pain to Lube: The Truth About Anal Sex
In today's hypersexualized society, anal intercourse has somehow managed to remain a taboo topic. How's that for irony? Never one to shy away from from all the gory details that come with sex, WE'RE daring to go there...
18 Secrets You Keep From Your Serious Boyfriend
No one knows you better than yourself. Nope, not even your long term boyfriend. Of course he's privy to the important stuff but even years into a relationship, there are things you choose to keep to yourself...
15 Habits Your Man Should Have Before You Marry Him
Men have a checklist of requirements when it comes to finding their ideal wife (there's a shocker). So it's only fitting that we came up with one of our own. Why? Because we shouldn't be so blinded by his proposal that we say yes without considering our standards first...
Decode Your Girlfriend! 23 Things Women Think But Don't Say
Ever wonder what your lady's really thinking? You're probably familiar with her body language by now - the eye roll, the hair flick, the eyebrow raise and the door slam? A woman's thought process can be pretty fierce...
25 Secret Single Behaviors We're All Guilty Of
We have Carrie Bradshaw to thank for so many things, but one of our absolute favourites is her coining the term of SSB: Secret Single Behavior. It's that stuff you do alone, when no one else is home, that you keep completely to yourself...
Pubes, Cum and Sweat: 12 Times Sex Ain't That Sexy
We’ve all got that one friend who seems to have THE BEST SEX OF HER LIFE every time she gives it a go. You know, the one you want to punch in the face. We get that sex can be the best thing ever, but we’re fed up with no-one calling out that in reality, it can be kinda gross...
28 Signs You're Addicted To Stalking Your Ex
With the advent of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, it's pretty easy to keep tabs on the people from our past. But sometimes occasionally checking up on the ex can turn into a worrisome habit. Not sure when you're crossing the line? Here are 28 signs your ex stalking habit is getting out of hand...
20 Things We've Learned From Past Relationships
A brutal break-up can often serve up countless life lessons. Sure it's painful in the moment, but once you've recovered, you realize there's no need for regrets. So because we suffer from chronic nostalgia, we couldn't help but reflect on some of the things our past relationships have taught us...
20 Stages We Go Through When We Get Engaged
Getting married is probably one of the most exciting times in a woman's life (aside from meeting Oprah... because obvs.) When we finally get that gorgeous rock on our finger, all bets are off. Yup, we basically lose any semblance of sanity we once had...
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