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18 Things Guys Do That Drive Girls CRAZY
Does your man leave the milk outside the fridge like everyday single day? Does he ever pick up his socks? Does he keep you waiting? It’s fair to say that us girls put up with a lot, no? Well. We’re DONE...
Manly Vs. Metrosexual: 32 Things That Make You Question His Manhood
Men. Ridiculous. They complain about us b*tching, moaning and whining yet they're the one's acting like basic bitches half of the time. While we're all for gender empowerment, sometimes the metrosexual thing can go too far...
He's An Ex For A Reason: What To Do If Your Fiancé Invites His Ex To The Wedding
Making your wedding guest list is anything but easy. Friends, family, co-workers, neighbors...it's by far one of the toughest parts of the wedding process. But if you're faced with an EX the situation is sure to heat up...
Why Dating Older Men Is The Best Thing You Can Do In Your 20s
It's slim pickings out there in the dating pool, especially for a young twentysomething. Guys just don't seem to grow up as fast as we do. That's why dating an older man might not be such a bad idea. Sure you might be afraid he'll give you major dad vibes...
15 Reasons Why Skype Sex Is WAY Better Than Sex In Real Life
Skype sex is basically masturbation except with a one-man audience. Long distance lovers, this is probably nothing new to you. But if you haven't tried it yourself, you might want to consider it. Trust us, it'll be one of the best things you've ever done! What's the big deal about cyber banging...
21 Reasons Ginger Guys Are Gods Amongst Men
It’s not often that your typical tall, dark, and handsome hottie loses out to a pale skinned, freckly redhead, but hear us out. Ginger men might not be in high demand, but the reality is their fiery hair and passionate personalities make them a freakin' good catch...
​Man Hacks: Instant Wins Guys Can Do For Major Girl Points
Want to be irresistible to women? Want to know the secrets of how to win her love and trust for the long haul? Well, there are a few things you fellas can do to instantly win our hearts, and when we say instantly we mean, instantly...
10 signs that you aren’t ready for marriage
Like the idea of someone putting a ring on it but aren’t sure about the lifelong commitment? Here are telltale signs that you aren’t ready to get married. ​
The Wedding Dress App Every Bride To Be Needs To Know About
Wedding dress shopping is a pretty special moment in a girl's life. Brides-to-be can dedicate days to changing rooms, veil dilemmas, and weepy moms. But as exciting as it, emotions run high and it's HARD work...
This 100-Year-Old Sex Therapist Has An Important Message About Sex
When you think about your average sex therapist you probably wouldn't imagine them as a 100-year-old woman. But Dr. Shirley Zussman, the centenarian sexpert, is the exception. She has over 50 years of...
I Want to Get Married: 21 Things You Need To Know Before You Get Engaged
Every girl has fantasized about her wedding day at least once. Some of us have even gone as far as planning every last detail (flowers, venue, etc.). While it's fun to get swept away by the romance of it all, the reality remains: marriage is far more complicated than a make believe game of house...
Female Masturbation: 10 Reasons You Should Touch Yourself More
Nowadays women are more independent than they have ever been; thoroughly consumed by a can-do attitude. It's no wonder, then, that many women aren't shy when it comes to pleasuring themselves. That's right: female masturbation is on the rise, and we couldn't we more thrilled (literally)...
Love vs. Lust: The Difference Between The Woman He Sleeps With And The Woman He Loves
Ever thought about the differences between love and sex? Sometimes we have carnal desires, other times, we yearn for an emotional connection. BUT, what the hell does it all mean to men? We think we have a pretty good idea...
12 Relationship Thought Attacks We Need To Get Over STAT!
Panicking over the fate of your relationship? Freaking out because you think it's over (or about to be)? Break-ups happen for the pettiest of reasons and sometimes it's all 'cause we push things too far...
16 Sexist Things Men Do That Women Secretly Love
What's the difference between sexism and chivalry these days? It's hard to tell. Lots of women are afraid to admit that certain things men do in relationships can be kind of cute even when they can be argued as sexist, too...
16 Sexist Things Men Do That Women Secretly Love
What's the difference between sexism and chivalry these days? It's hard to tell. Lots of women are afraid to admit that certain things men do in relationships can be kind of cute even when they can be argued as sexist, too...
17 Unexpected Signs You’re A Psycho B*tch Girlfriend
Ladies, whether you've been through a heart wrenching break up, acted plain crazy, or got treated badly, it's inevitable that sometimes women can lose their sh*t over a guy. From drunk dialing, beating up your BF (a la Solange)...
How To Get Over A Guy: 17 Steps To Not Giving A Sh*t
Breaking up is hard to do. Trust us, we've been there way too many times to count. But you know what? To hell with those men who can't see us for the amazing woman we are. The best thing to do is to dry our tears and keep it movin'...
Is This The Creepiest Product Ever? The iPad Case You Can Have Sex With...
Fleshlight, well known friend of perverts across across the globe, have gone all millennial on us with their newest product, the Fleshlight Launchpad. Basically, it's an iPad case you can have sex with...
25 Signs You're Ready For A Relationship
Sometimes the single life ain't all that it's cracked up to be. Sure, it's great not having anyone to constantly check in with, but it can get lonely from time to time. Are you contemplating ditching the party scene for cuddle sessions with a special someone...
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