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The Biggest Wedding Trends For 2015 That Will Make You The Happiest Bride On Earth
Simply because we couldn't help ourselves, and are obsessed with anything that pertains to nuptials, we compiled a mega list of the hottest and most beautiful wedding dresses for 2015. Also, apologies...
The Best Dating Apps (Besides Tinder) You Need To Try In 2015
We ALL know Tinder is notorious for being the hook-up app. And while that's all great and dandy, it doesn't help much when you're looking for some real commitment. Sure there are success stories, but the odds are generally not in your favour...
Paranoid, Jealous & Rigid As Hell? 10 Signs You're Dating A Control Freak
Do you constantly feel like you're walking on egg shells in your relationship? Afraid what might make him explode? You could be dating a control freak! Here's how to spot one.
This Has To Be The Cutest Christmas Marriage Proposal EVER
How do you go from saying 'Merry Xmas' to asking 'Marry Me?' without your fiance-to-be noticing? This guy manages to pull it off without a hitch! Depending on how much you love Christmas and how emotional you find proposals, you should probably get some tissues right now...
Break Up Advice – How To Let Someone Down Gently
Breaking up is never easy. No one wants to hear those hurtful cluster of words,"I am just not that into you." Ouch! It hurts just thinking about it. But is it actually possible to let someone down gently...
15 Photos That Prove True Love Still Exists
If you've found yourself fed up with everything romantic, allow us to attempt to thaw your frozen heart. Yes, Ice Queens, this one's for you! Here are 15 photos that prove true love still exists. Endless #RelationshipGoals ahead...
The 12 Qualities That Make Men Hot (That Have Nothing To Do With Looks)
Let's face it. Unless he's got Ryan Gosling's genes there's a good chance we're judging more than just his looks. Qualities from intelligence, ambition, to dominance and wisdom can ALL make an average looking guy instantly hot, or well, not...
How To Master Sex: 10 Simple Ways To Be Better In Bed
Not sure where your sex life went? Can't remember the last time you did it? Having good sex isn't as difficult as you think. A good romp in the bed is all about communication, confidence, open mindedness and so much MORE...
5 ideas to have a fun date night in Montreal this winter
Got sweaty hands? Vacillating between apprehension and excitement? That’s to be expected if you’re gearing up for a hot date!
Would You Fly All Over The World With This Guy?
It'd be hard to say no but do you meet the criteria?
Autumn Wedding Flowers: Bouquet Inspiration
Picking your wedding flowers might not be up there with securing the venue and the dream dress, but when it comes to making your big day picture perfect it’s all in the finer details, starting with florals...
20 Reasons Dating A Surfer Is Like Winning The Boyfriend Lottery
High five if you're dating a surfer. You get to sunbathe without being moaned at, have salty kisses on tap and beach vacations become a regular thang. If you don't have a wave-chasing hottie in the vicinity then we suggest you book it to the sand...
8 things that will keep him coming back for more
Keeping a man interested is no easy feat, but there are ways to make sure your first date isn’t your last. Keep these tricks in your back pocket and he’ll be yours for keeps!
Why Mindy Kaling Is So Right About 'The Back Door Slip'
Because Mindy Kaling has this psychic ability to say what all girls are thinking, it came at no surprise last week when she had last week's episode of The Mindy Project center around "the back door slip...
This Man Pulled Off The Marriage Proposal He's Been Planning Since He Was 12
Is this guy the best man ever? He certainly ranks high!
7 ways that men say “I LOVE YOU” without actually saying it
It’s not always easy for men to express what they feel or for women to decode their secret language. Men do love us. They just express it in different ways, like these, for example... ​
9 good habits that will make your romance last
When you fall in love, you think that magical feeling will last forever, only to discover how briefly that state of bliss really lasts...The good news is that it can be replaced by something even stronger and deeper if you develop these relationship-building habits...
10 Things I Learned About Good Sex From Having Bad Sex
Sometimes you gotta get through the bad before you encounter the good.
Why Won’t He Commit? 16 Unexpected Signs He's A Commitment Phobe
Does he make you feel unwanted but still claim to ‘love' you? We know exactly what you’re going through. If his attitude towards love, relationships and commitment are anything but transparent (more like non existent), girl he's probably a commitment phobe...
15 Things That Happen After The First Year Of Your Relationship
Every so often you hit a relationship milestone where things get, well, comfortable. Effort turns into laziness, in-jokes become your only jokes and post-sex cuddling is no longer crucial. If you're wondering what most relationships look like after the one year mark...
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