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The Sexbuddy: Some Good Reasons to Dive In
"Fuckfriend," "friend with benefits," or "fuck buddy," several expressions that describe a person who plays a special role in our lives and punctually satisfies us sexually without investing any romantic feelings...
Sleeping Together Is More Restful, It's Official!
Are you one of those who believes that sleeping with someone keeps you from sleeping well? Well, rest assured that science has shown that there is a positive correlation between sleeping with somebody and the quality of your sleep...
Female Masturbation: Tips To Take You Over The Edge
Female masturbation is all about having an orgasm without the help of someone else. It can involve clitoral stimulation, or deeper penetration, often with the use if a dildo or vibrator. And as many women will agree, it’s a whole lot of fun...
17 Things that Only Successful Couples Understand
Is there a magic formula behind successful relationships? Unfortunately not. However, a few essential ingredients are the basis of any long-term relationship. Here are 17 things that solid couples understand...
11 Sexy Ideas for Your Long-term Relationship
You met him years ago. In bed, you know each other off by heart. Each piece of skin has been explored. So how can you avoid your sex life from becoming routine? Here are some suggestions to keep your relationship sexy...
10 Ways Your Mobile Is Getting In The Way Of Your Orgasm
When it comes to love and affection smartphones play an integral part in our relationships BUT what about when it comes to sex? Research by Durham University found that 40% answered their phones during sex...
Eight Truths about Tinder
Veteran or newcomer to Tinder, whether you like it or not, you cannot escape these 8 truths!
14 Things You Didn't Know About Male Sexuality
No matter how many men you've known in your life, you certainly know less than you think about the male sex organ! Here are 14 little-known facts about the penis.
12 Boy Mistakes Every Girl Makes On A Girls' Night Out
Ladies, how many times have you gone on a night out and made a complete and utter HOT MESS of yourself? Far too many to count, right? It's time to take a trip down memory lane and remind ourselves of all the man mistakes we've had to LIVE and LEARN...
20 Creative Date Night Ideas To Keep Your Relationship Fresh And Exciting
A date night consisting of nothing more than dinner and a movie can grow monotonous, especially after you've been with your partner for awhile. No one wants to sit around and watch the romance and excitement fizzle in their relationship...
10 Stupid Arguments That Show Your Relationship Might Be Doomed
Ever thought about how stupid and petty some of the arguments you and your BF have had were? We're not talking about bickering over the TV or how to stack the dishwasher properly. We're talking about those heated evening long arguments that involve door slamming, tears, and all kinds of yelling...
Forget Fifty Shades! 50 Sexy Ways To ACTUALLY Get Turned On
If "Fifty Shades Of Grey" didn't quite turn you on like you thought it might, why not try these sexy fun ways to get turned on and make your man instantly HOT for you? Here's how to REALLY spice things up...
Bridal Style! 10 Images Of Beautiful Brides From Different Cultures
The perfect wedding outfit goes far beyond a white dress and a veil. Different cultures have different traditions for bridal fashion and beauty and they don't get much more stunning than these! We've put together some inspirational pics of brides who are owning their traditional look...
10 Fifty Shades Of Grey Inspired Ways To Kink Up Your Sex Life
The pleasure-pain dynamic of Christian Grey drives men and women CRAZY. And after reading and watching the latest 50's trailer, what better way to celebrate than unleashing your very own 'inner goddess'...
10 Spontaneous Sex Tips That Will Blow His Mind
Wanna know what can make you irresistible to your man? From adding a bit a glamour to your look to forgetting your panties and sending him short frisky vids, there are tons of ways to get your man revved up and ready to go...
20 Annoying Things Men Do That Will NEVER Be OK With Us
Ah, boys. Made of slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails, they'll never quite understand why the things they do drive us quite so crazy. Here are the most annoying things the men from Mars will do without a second thought to your disgust...
10 #BoyfriendProblems We Should Thank Our Boyfriend For
Whether we'd like to admit it or not, girls can be hard work sometimes. If your man's a good boyfriend he probably knows having you doesn't come for free. So when it comes to waiting hours upon hours for us to get ready...
50 Thoughts Every Singleton Has Around Valentine’s Day
It's the same for everyone. Valentine's Day rolls around, and it's the one day a year that none of us singletons are quite emotionally stable (unless you literally couldn't give a sh*t, in which case, kudos!) For the rest of us, here's every thought us single gals have on the day of lurve...
25 Thoughts You Probably Have When Moving In With Your Boyfriend
So you've been together a while now, and having quiet sex while your parents or roomies are in, is getting a little tedious. Plus, you're in your mid-twenties, which means it’s time to take the next step in your relationship...
17 Problems ‘The Taken Girl’ Has On A Girls Night Out
Feel like being the only one that's NOT single in your clique is the most frustrating thing EVER? Especially on a night out? Us too. As the go-to wing woman and 24-hour agony aunt it's no surprise our single GF's cause us nothing but grief (not that they mean to!)...
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