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Avoid Breaking the Bank: How to Save Money on Your Wedding Day
Every year, couples shell out thousands of dollars on weddings. Some pay what might equate to the cost of a sleek car, while others burn a whole in their pockets by dropping down enough dough to buy a new house with...
15 Things You'll Only Talk About On A Girls' Night In
When we round up all of our girls for an epic night in we already know the drill = guy talk, movies, gossip. We're the most unfiltered versions of ourselves when we're with our besties and we offer ZERO apologies...
10 Awkward Situations We've All Experienced in Bed
Sex does not always live up to expectations. Indeed, all kinds of amusing situations may arise. Best to learn to laugh! Here are 10 situations that we have ALL experienced in bed:
20 Lumbersexuals Who Make You Dream of Living in the Forest
What's a lumbersexual? He is an urban hipster/woodsman whom you can recognize by his flannel shirt, construction boots, jeans, and outdoor clothing suggesting manual labour. And don't overlook his hair (lots of it) and beard...
7 Original Ideas for a Date in Montreal
Montreal abounds with activities for all tastes. It's easy to get lost among all the possibilities! Leave the beaten path and discover some new places. Here are a few ideas that rise above the ordinary...
From Grade School to College: A Marriage In the Making
When Ashley Hill (formerly Young), 23, met Adam Hill, 22, they were both in elementary school. Yet it wasn't an argument over using the same color crayon or an interest in macaroni art that brought them together...
Boys Tell All: What Men Really Think Of Having Sex On Your First Date
There are so many questions women have when it comes to understanding the caveman tendencies of the millennial male. Do they like when girls play hard to get or do they think that makes them a tease? Are dad bods here to stay or are men secretly dying to get back in the gym? So...
Long-Distance Marriages Are 100% Sustainable & Better for Your Health
When you see your spouse every day, frustration and bickering are bound to occur. Driving each other up the wall is inevitable, and every so often giving one another space is essential for a healthy marriage...
I Let My Boy BFF Dress Me For Dates & This Is What Happened
The stress of finding an outfit to wear on dates is on of the reasons why I don't like dating. That and the fact that no one is asking, but that's another story. So I gave my boy BFF the challenge of dressing me for five dates...
Why You Probably Shouldn't Marry Your First & Only Serious Boyfriend
One day we'll get a dog. That's what my first serious boyfriend and I used to say to each other as we planned our future together as naive teenagers. Little did I know, we wouldn't make it past my freshman year of college and only dated two years...
20 Things He Wants in Bed (But Would Never Dare Ask)
Men's minds are full of fantasies. Without claiming to know everything about male sexual preferences, we can still draw some generalities that do not lie. In bed, a man wants...
Ten Little-Known Facts About the Orgasm
The orgasm, everyone talks about it... but did you know that the height of pleasure hides many secrets? Here are some unexpected facts about the sweetest pain.
10 Of The Best Reasons To Have More Sex
We're going to go ahead and say it: sex is downright amazing! And no, not just from a pleasurable standpoint. There are tons of hidden reasons why the horizontal tango is great for your overall health...
What To Wear To A Summer Wedding
It's wedding season, so bring on weekends filled with romance, dancing, drinking and reunions with family and friends. Good times! But wedding season also comes with the panic of what to wear, and of course we are here to help...
Science Has Spoken: 7 Reasons to Make Love Everyday!
Sex should never be a chore. Rather, it offers many benefits – and much evidence supports that claim! Our thanks to Mother Nature for these seven reasons to have sexual relations everyday!
23 Things Women Actually Think While Men Are Trying to Get it On
Men are some really interesting creatures aren't they? They're so entitled at times that we want to bite their heads off, but so loveable the next that we can't even. Then there are those very special...
20 Annoying Things Men Do That Will NEVER Be OK With Us
Ah, boys. Made of slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails, they'll never quite understand why the things they do drive us quite so crazy. Here are the most annoying things the men from Mars will do without a second thought to your disgust...
9 Ideas to Make Your Wedding More Magical
Once you start planning your wedding, you soon discover how difficult it is to choose the right activities, without continually rethinking everything, as well as to create the décor that reflects who you are...
Signs that It's Time to Leave Him
Have you ever ended a relationship only to wonder how it could ever have begun? When one is head-over-heels in love, it is difficult to see things right-side-up, and we may realize too late that the relationship made no sense...
13 Male Flaws That Drive Us Crazy
We love them, but their little quirks have a way of getting on our nerves... While it's nice to complain, we love them anyway! After all, the perfect man (just like the perfect woman) is a fantasy!
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