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Quiz: how important is sex to you?
Could you live without sex? For a day, a week, a month...how addicted are you to carnal pleasures? Take our quiz to find out then read our sex therapist's view for a fuller picture...
How to find love with someone special
Meeting someone new isn’t easy. Rom-coms would have us believe all you have to do is drop your handbag in front of a gorgeous stranger. The reality is harder! So here are five steps you can take to find love...
Dating tips: 5 signs it’s time to get physical
You’ve been seeing someone for a while, but how do you know if it’s time to get physical? Well, we reckon there are five serious signs you need to take note of before you end up in bed together. So, read on for our essential dating tips for getting physical...
Romantic text messages | how to interpret his texts
Want to know what his text message really means? Stop over analyzing and use our text message decoder now!
Dating men: His dating style uncovered
Deciphering the intentions of the opposite sex before, during and after a date is a tricky game...
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in Women Quiz
Think you know all about STDs? Take our sexually transmitted diseases quiz and test your knowledge. Are you being safe or stupid?
Fantasy crushes: Sexy men with fantasy powers
These guys have super powers in seduction. Check out sofeminine's fantasy crushes list....
Threesomes: A good idea?
If you've ever wondered what it's like to have a threesome, we've found out - read these real life confessions...
Mature dating: 5 pitfalls to avoid
Dating later in life can be tough. Yet, it can also be hugely rewarding. Make sure your experience is a positive one by avoiding these 5 mature dating pitfalls.
7 ways to attract a man
Someone sexy caught your eye? Cosmo Soave-Smith reveals seven seduction secrets to attract the man you want.
Dating fears: Can fear of intimacy ruin your dating success?
If you’re not getting the results you’d hoped for when dating, is it possible your fear of intimacy is getting in the way? And if you’re seeing someone who seems emotionally detached, how can you find out if they have a fear of intimacy...
Sexy Tennis Players - Wimbledon Special
We love Wimbledon! Mainly for the tennis but also for the hot guys... We'd quite happily have Rafael Nadal's amazing arms wrapped round us tonight...
Male orgasm
Male orgasm may be easier to reach than female orgasm, but according to a recent survey, 29% of men have sometimes ejaculated without feeling pleasure and 18% have faked an orgasm...so what else don't we know...
Where does this wave of pleasure come from? And what happens to the body during an orgasm? Here's what's really going on with those magic O's we just can’t get enough of…
First date advice: Body language dos and don’ts
Body language is so important when it comes to dating. It has the power to tell the other person whether you’re totally into them, or totally over them. Here are our top 4 dos and don’ts for first date body language...
Sexy men: David Beckham has still got it
Need a treat? So do we! Here's David Beckham proving himself on the pitch whilst proving he's definitely still got it.
Anal sex quiz: answers to anal sex problems
Take our anal sex quiz and find out everything ever needed to know but were afraid to ask...
Celebrity relationship secrets: Marriage secrets
They may be rare but they do exist - celebrity marriages that have gone the distance. These long term celeb couples reveal what makes a marriage last.
Swingers: Taboo or to-do?
To swing or not to swing
Threesomes: Having sex with a man and a woman
Just a few moments into the 'what's your ultimate fantasy chat' and you can bet your bottom dollar that one of your man's turn on's is having three-in-a-bed - and he's not alone - 98% of straight guys find the idea of a threesome damn sexy...
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