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15 Of The Best Striptease Songs To Help Set The Mood
When it's time to get down for a naughty striptease, we like the mood to be just right. From the ambience to the lingerie, we demand nothing but perfection for our lover. Number one on our seduction checklist: a meticulously selected playlist of lustful tunes...
How To Tell Your Friend Her Boyfriend is Hitting On You
This is a conversation no one wants to have, but unfortunately, guys can be dirty dogs, especially the ones you least expect. You've likely spent weeks trying to convince yourself that you’re imagining things and he’s simply being nice because you’re his girlfriend’s BFF...
10 Simple Rules To Maintaining A Successful Sex Buddy Relationship
Welcome to the age of hook-up culture! Many men and women are choosing to forgo the pain and hassle relationships bring, and are instead opting for no-strings-attached sex buddies. Why? Because nothing trumps guilt-free pleasure...
18 Signs You Secretly Like LIKE Your Gal Pal ;)
She's fun, she's cool, she's pretty and she's your best friend. But could she be something more too? Whether you're out about your sexuality or have just started to question it (thanks to your BBF), these are the signs that your best friend appreciation goes beyond the platonic...
5 Lessons On Love and Marriage: As Told By Will Smith
Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are one of Hollywood's most beloved couples. While they've managed to maintain a considerably rock-solid marriage throughout the years, they're no strangers to scandal and endless breakup rumors...
The Secret To Letting Loose: 20 Ways To Boost Your Sexual Confidence
All women are little self-conscious when it comes to sex. A flood of questions come to mind; Do I look fat? Are my boobs saggy? Will he notice my stretch marks? We’re only human. Once we stop self-diagnosing our ‘imperfections’ we can start enjoying sex just as much as him...
10 Of The Best Reasons To Have More Sex
We're going to go ahead and say it: sex is downright amazing! And no, not just from a pleasurable standpoint. There are tons of hidden reasons why the horizontal tango is great for your overall health...
20 Signs It's Time To Drop That Man-Child
During the honeymoon stage, it's easy to let little things go because he seems pretty much perfect...but give it a few months. If he turns out to be the great guy you thought he was - congratulations, you've found yourself a keeper...
15 Awesome Reasons To Celebrate Being Single
Congratulations, woman! You've freed yourself from that good-for-nothing scrub who probably didn't deserve you anyway. Please take all the time you need to drink a bottomless glass of wine as you sob and click through your old couple photos on Facebook...
'The Sex Was Crap' & Other Things You Should NEVER Say About Your Ex
We've ALL had at least one terrible, soul-shifting, mind-altering breakup. It sucks. Not only does it suck, it's virtually impossible to piece together logical thoughts directly after. But no matter how excruciating the pain, here's why you need to stop yourself from ex-bashing...
Tinder Etiquette: The Good The Bad And The Ugly
Everyone's using Tinder. It's a new way of dating and meeting other potentially like minded guys who could end up being your boyfriend, husband (or just buying you tonight's dinner), but first you need to know how to reel him in...
10 Things Samantha Jones Taught Us About Sex
If you only take sex lessons from one human being on this planet, make that person Samantha Jones. The feisty, fun-loving and sexually uninhibited PR professional from HBO's hit show, Sex and the City has been there, done that and got the T-shirt for pretty much every sex act...
How To Make A Guy Jealous In 8 Simple Steps
Trying to win an ex-boyfriend back? Want to grab someone's attention? Whatever the reason, many women want an answer to that elusive question: how do you make a guy jealous? We've got 'em, right here...
New App Teaches Your Guy How To Go Down On Girls. By Licking The Screen...
It might surprise some guys but simply putting their tongue on a girl’s vagina, just ain’t going to do the trick. So if your man needs a little help with his technique (most probably do), this new app will take him from oral amateur to orgasm master in mere minutes...
25 Things Women Wish Men Knew: The Secret Of What Women Want - REVEALED!
Men claim women are much more complicated than them, but what about our side of the story? It's actually really simple to make a woman happy - if they'd only look out for the signs! Here are 25 things women wish men knew...
And the Oscar for Most Handsome goes to...! Leo, Bradley, and more
On the night of the Oscars, Best Actor and Best Actress will be awarded. In the days following, Best Dressed (and Worst Dressed) lists will pepper the media outlets. But what about Most Beautiful and Most Handsome? Leading UK beauty site Escentual...
What Really Happens When A Girl Proposes To Her Boyf
Women proposing to men? Sounds incredibly spunky and here-and-now and of the moment. Why not? In our aim for equality why shouldn't we just get down on one knee and ask for his hand in marriage? It's not just a job for the boys...
Is This The Best Proposal Reaction Ever?
We love a good proposal. We love a bad proposal. We love them all but this one is pretty up there. See what happened when this guy proposed to his girlfriend in Italy. Her reaction is totally priceless...
Should we start trying for a baby? 25 signs he's ready to start a family
Are your girlfriends making you sick at the sight of their new bungaboos and designer diaper bags? Does it seem like you’re the only one not having a baby? If you’re all for starting a family but still waiting on your man to show he’s primed don’t kid yourself...
Men Pay This Guy To Dump Their Girlfriends...Err What.
Nobody in their right mind enjoys breaking up with someone (except when you're ditching Spencer Matthews). And most of us will do anything to delay having that awkward, heart-breaking, tear-jerking chat, but paying a stranger to do it for you instead...
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