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Compulsive spending
You spot that perfect pair or shoes and your heart skips a beat, despite the fact you already own more than enough pairs...along with a wardrobe crammed full of clothes you've never worn. Credit card burning a hole in your pocket...
Managing money
Money can't buy you happiness but it can definitely contribute! It's important to know how to manage your money, bills, everyday and unexpected expenses. Here's our guide to avoiding that end-of-the-month panic...
Work for yourself - get your small business online
Using the internet to your own advantage is one of the most important lessons to learn in your professional life... especially if you work for yourself or have started a small business.
Being a working mum
It can be difficult to get the work-life balance right when you're a working mum. Here are some tips to help you cope.
Managing your emotions at work
Anger, anxiety, joy and sadness - the workplace can generate a myriad of emotions every day, postive and negative. It can sometimes be difficult to keep your emotions in check, especially when things get hectic...
When to say 'no'
It's not easy to say no to your boss, kids, neighbours and the rest, and we often end up saying 'yes' when we want to say 'no' but don't know how to. Here's some advice to help you resist!
Job interviews
Job interviews are crucial and also cause a great deal of apprehension. They should be carefully prepared for and never improvised! From preparing for questions to how to act, here's our advice to help you have the best chance of success...
Fair trade
The term 'fair trade' has been around for several years now: fair trade coffee, clothing, bananas, etc... most of us know a bit about the products but not a lot about the principles of this new way of trading...
Writing a good resume
Your resume is the first thing a potential employer will look at. If you want to get an interview you need to make it look good! Here’s how to make your resume look as appealing as possible.
Controlling your moods
Bust-up with your other half? Call from the banker? Stuck in traffic again? It’s not easy to keep your cool in these types of situations, but you need to learn how to control your moods, especially in the world of work...
20 eco-friendly tips to help save the planet
Freak weather, floods, bad air quality and animal extinction are affecting us more and more, as are governmental campaigns to save the planet. Even the corporate world has jumped on the bandwagon by offering us eco-friendly cars and other products...
How to manage conflict at work
Stress, misunderstanding, disagreement, different points of view, rivalry...tension in the workplace is pretty common! Before a situation gets out of control, it’s important to try and diffuse the crisis...
Time management at work
E-mails popping up all the time, the phone ringing non-stop and meetings cramming up your diary? Worried you won’t be able to meet your deadlines? The only solution is to get organized. Here’s some advice to keep from getting snowed under...
Dreams about money
Our dreams tell us a lot about our desires, even unconfessed ones. Some leave their mark and their images can be interpreted, including the notion of money, which has different meanings according to the context...
Style Advice For Women With Big Hips
The average British woman is a curvy size 14-16, but you wouldn't know that if you looked at fashion magazines alone. The fashion industry is filled with supermodel-shaped bodies, and neglects women with fuller rounded figures...
Scrapbooking: making a scrapbook album like a pro
Scrapbooking is an art and a scrapbook album can't just be created overnight.
The Internet
An essential tool at the start of the 21st century, the Internet isn't always as easy to master as you'd think. Finding information, creating a network of contacts, sorting through virtual content, etc...
How to deal with a layoff
Layoff can seem like a pretty scary word, one that no-one wants to hear. But unfortunately in this financial and economic climate, layoff is a word that a lot of us might hear.
How to successfully negotiate a pay rise
Do you feel underpaid? If so, now is the time to bring up the question of a pay rise. With our tips, you will be perfectly equipped for the negotiation!
Sexual harassment
According to a study from the European commission, 30% of working women are victims of sexual harassment in Europe. Sexual harassment is serious and widespread but often misunderstood and difficult to define...
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Compulsive spending
Managing money
Scrapbooking: making a scrapbook album like a pro
Work for yourself - get your small business online
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