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Watch: The Most Powerful Answers To What Women Really 'See In The Mirror'
Truth is, you don't get to see something like this very often. When John Legend released his video for 'You & I' (Nobody in the world) using 63 different women of varying races, age, and experience, he also made a separate video asking some of them to reveal 'what they see in the mirror'...
23 Reasons Why Being A Girl Is The Best Thing Ever
Sure, we may be moody and over-analyze just about every situation, but being a girl certainly has its perks. Whether we're being asked our preference of wine, or boarding the lifeboat first, being a girl proves to be the best thing EVER each and every day...
23 Reasons Why Being A Girl Is The Best Thing Ever
Sure, we may be moody and over-analyze just about every situation, but being a girl certainly has its perks. Whether we're being asked our preference of wine, or boarding the lifeboat first, being a girl proves to be the best thing EVER each and every day...
No Dream Job And A Total Mess? 21 Things All Twentysomethings Need To Stop Fretting Over
Your twenties are are all about having fun, right? Wrong. From our own experience, your twenties are high expectations, being way too hard on yourself and giving a damn WAY too much. Yep. Sounds more like it! But to hell with all this pressure...
How To Be Happy At Work: 10 Steps To A Mon-Fri High
You're never going to be the next Lauren Conrad if you aren't happy at your 9-5. If you're feeling meh about your job, it's time for a work attitude makeover. It's important to keep positive throughout the weekly grind...
15 Reasons Staying In Beats Going Out
Tired of hitting the bar? Sick of your fave dish at your fave restaurant? Then it might be time to buckle down and spend some quality time at home. It's not as bad as you think it is. Honestly! For one, your bank account can finally breathe a sigh of relief...
25 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back: How To Be More Sexy!
How do you feel sexy when you just, er, don’t? Isn’t that the million-dollar question?! When your jeans are snug, you’re beyond tired and craving sugary snacks, the last thing you wanna do is shave your legs and slip into something ever so slightly less comfortable...
Dream Gig A Nightmare? 8 Easy Ways To Make Your Job Less Sh*tty.
So your dream job isn’t quite a dream. Your boss is an ice-queen. Your coworkers are catty, and you’re seriously concerned about your vision because all you do is stare at Excel sheets all day. It’s frustrating when your job ends up being the least fulfilling part of your life...
LGBT Parenting: What It's Really Like
To cap off Pride Month in the U.S., I spoke to Dana Rudolph, an LGBT rights advocate, former Merrill Lynch employee, and rad mother! She discussed her experience having and raising her son with her wife, Helen, and her work with other LGBT parents...
Would You Get Into A Stranger's Car Without Talking To Them First? Find Out Why These Girls Did...
We definitely wouldn't be as stupid to get into a stranger's car without at least talking to them first... or would we? These girls threw caution to the wind when they got into this guy's car. And it's all down to one thing...
Watch What Happens When Strangers Slap Each Other
Most of us have wanted to give someone a casual backhanded slap at some point in our lives. That's just a given. But we're guessing that the majority of people haven't had the satisfaction of actually doing so (even if they deserved it)...
Girls Night In: 11 Ideas For A Fun-Filled Evening At Home
As much as we love putting on our shortest skirts and hitting the dance floor (and believe us - we do!), sometimes we just want to kick back at home with our girls and enjoy a fun night in. Because let's face it, doing the same thing week after week gets tiring...
We Asked Porn Actress Asa Akira About Stereotypes Of Adult Movie Stars. What She Said May Surprise You...
Asa Akira is unapologetic about what she does for a living. Despite her privileged upbringing in NYC and Japan, becoming a doctor or lawyer barely interested her. Asa has always wanted to be porn star...
Women Say 'Sorry' HOW Many Times A Day?
Have you ever found yourself saying "Sorry" to almost everything? When someone bumps into you, when you have to move your seat over, when you simply say hello, you find yourself apologizing. Not anymore...
28 Things Every Summer Intern Can Relate To
Summer internships are something every college student has to deal with - and they can get pretty messy sometimes! It's a rite of passage, we guess. From filing to coffee runs to not getting paid a dime, here's what every summer intern has to face...
12 Things We Totally Overshare With Our Girlfriends
Sometimes we get so comfortable with our friends, we begin to think they're our personal diaries. So what do we do? We tell them everything. Even things they have no business knowing. But we don't care...
20 Ways Being A Grown Up Kinda Sucks
Ever wanted to go back in time, be a child again and this time never ever, under any circumstances, make the mistake of growing up? Join the club! Adult life is full of great things: happy hour, sex, and no school...
The Drunk Eater? The Emotional Wreck? 20 Types Of Drunk Girls Every Woman Knows
On a girl's night out, it's inevitable that after a few burning shots, we're channeling our inner crazy. Whether you're the reckless drunk that plays in traffic, the poor girl with her head down the toilet...
Do Schools Teach Children To Be Sexist? How Dress Codes Shame Women...
Lindsay Stocker is a student in Quebec who went to school wearing jorts on May 21, because (hello) it was hot outside. In front of her whole class, Lindsay was told her shorts were too short and she would have to change or go home...
Sexy At Every Curve: Find Out How To Look Hot On The Beach (No Matter What)
Finally! A swimsuit company has realized we women don't all come in itty bitty sizes, and they've started a campaign to show the world how sexy real curves can be. Swimsuits for All, a fashion shopping site...
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