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Top 10 Scary Films To Traumatize Yourself With This Halloween
Since it's Halloween on Friday and it's the only time of the year we're encouraged to scare ourselves sh*tless, we've asked around and come up with the ten scariest films that will keep you awake for nights to come...
Woman Films Herself Walking Through NYC For A Day And Is Harassed Over 100 Times
Are you sick and tired of not being able to walk around without a car beeping at you, or a 'hey beautiful', or a wolf whistle? It seems that most women experience street harassment on a daily basis, and to test this theory one very brave woman filmed herself walking through NYC for ten hours...
The 10 Things You Need To Know About The Gender Gap
So the World Economic Forum (WEF) just released their annual report on the status of the gender gap globally. They look at a variety of factors that indicate how much access women have to education, government and the workforce...
Brands & You: Tell us everything!
Brands are constantly mulling over how to offer you the newest products... But what is it that really attracts you?
One Night Stands, Shopping Habits And Diets: 25 White Lies Every Girl Is Guilty Of
Men lie a lot. Women tell the biggest lies. That’s how the saying goes but whoever came up with that got it all wrong. If we ever find ourselves in a situation that’s gonna make us look bad we’ll worm our way out of it with those sweet little white lies...
The 7 Things We Learned From A Convo Between Julianna Margulies and a US Senator On Women's Issues
Even if you've never watched The Good Wife or heard of US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, their candid and brutally honest conversation about women's issues is something every woman should read. Both of these wildly successful women are known for their outspoken voices on issues that affect women...
Real Life 'P.S. I Love You' Moment Happens For Couple
If you've ever seen the heart wrenching movie P.S. I Love You with Hillary Swank and smokeshow Gerard Butler, then you know it is a one hell of a tearjerker. This sad and touching story happened in real life to a young couple with a one year old daughter in Texas...
How To Be More Organized: 10 Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know At Work
Whether you're starting a new job, just got a promotion, or are trying to find the motivation to just get through the work day, girls have GOTTA be organized. If you aren't, you may not be reaching your full potential, and more importantly may or may not be driving yourself crazy...
Why girls should put their dolls down
According to a British study, girls should spend less time playing with dolls and more time playing with LEGOs and other “boy” toys that promote creativity. ​
The Most Shocking Thing To Come Out Of These Girls Mouths Is NOT What You Think
Little girls swearing in the name of feminism? This is probably the best damn video we’ve seen in a while...
19 Reasons Why Short Girls Are Actually Statuesque Queens
Tall people are celebrated. They get higher-paying jobs, can walk the runways, are recruited to be airplane stewardesses, and are usually those elementary school bullies who pick on short people. Well, I'm over it...
25 Things That Drive People With Short Tempers CRAZY
Patience is a virtue but sadly, it is a virtue only a few possess. For the rest of us, life is one big impatient, infuriating struggle where we could seriously lose our minds with fury at any point. Here’s what everyone with a short fuse truly HATES...
How to deal with sexism in the workplace
An unwelcome comment, a misogynistic joke, an inappropriate gesture...Even in this day and age of political correctness, women are still subjected to sexist remarks and actions in the workplace. But what’s the appropriate response to this vexing problem...
5 fun things to do with Mom this fall
Looking for a way to forget about your crazy, overscheduled life? How about spending some quality time with Mom? You get to leave the chores behind while making the woman who gave you life happy! As for what the two of you can do together, consider these fun suggestions...
10 Tips For How To Networking Effectively WITHOUT Getting Your Flirt On
Ladies, let's face it. Sometimes we use our feminine powers without even knowing it, and there's a time and a place for that type of sorcery. Knowing how to network effectively is an important part of getting ahead in any business...
Male Strippers Vs. Female Strippers: 11 Ways They're TOTALLY Different
Ever watched a troupe of baby oiled hunks shaking it to Sex Bomb? Or a sexy female stripper offering up lap dances and working the pole? The difference? Girl strippers are HOT and more so than their male counterparts! Don't get us wrong, we love gorgeous half naked men...
Emotional Breakdowns, Crippled Feet & A Killer Headache? Why Girls Nights Out Are SO Overrated
The thought of washing our hair, strapping on a set of false lashes and dolling ourselves up used to be a happy one. But once you hit your mid-twenties those days are dunzo. In fact, just thinking about a GNO makes us tired (and thirsty)...
The Honest Truth About Sugar Daddy Dating (From A Sugar Baby Pro!)
Everything you wanted to know and didn't dare to ask about Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy dating.
Why Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai Is So Important
Since recovering from an attack that almost claimed her life, 17-year-old schoolgirl, Malala Yousafzai, has achieved amazing things with her passionate activism. Her actions were recognized today by being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize together with Indian children’s rights activist...
10 Lessons in Self-Confidence From Plus-Size Models
Fatphobia is everywhere in the media, but we're not down with that. Having curves doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy and loving your body doesn’t mean you’re encouraging others to take up bad habits. These models are here to set the record straight on body confidence at any size...
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