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21 Pictures to Make Your Day Instantly Happier
Today is the International Day of Happiness, which means that sadness is NOT allowed. So in order to get the laughs (and perhaps even happy tears) flowing, here are all the pictures you need to make your day that much brighter...
Girl Code: 13 Things Women Need to Stop Doing To Each Other
It’s hard out here for us ladies, we have to deal with our fair share of sh*t. But let’s face it girls, we don’t make it easy for ourselves, at times we can be our own worst enemies. We bitch about each other, we spread rumours and we are the harshest critics of other women...
10 Great Reads For World Book Day
World Book Day is a celebration of reading, so needless to say we are on BOARD! From sci-fi to drama to romance, in reading there is something for everyone. So how often do you go out of your comfort zone...
13 Things Asian Girls Are Tired of Hearing
As an Asian-American woman I've heard some pretty ridiculous comments about my ethnicity. For some reason, people just love jokes about Asians and they especially love ones about Asian women. Sure, I'll admit that I've heard some funny ones here and there, but after a while it gets pretty old...
6 Expert Tips Every Girl Needs To Know On How To Become An Entrepreneur
Being a successful entrepreneur is no easy feat, so we decided to ask an expert what it really takes to have a great idea and actually get it off the ground. Turns out it takes a lot of perseverance AND...
Adult Jokes From Kids Movies That You Probably Never Noticed
When we were younger, we always found it a little odd when our parents would snort at the movie we were watching. What were they laughing at? Nothing funny had happened, had it? Turns out there was more going on with our favorite movies than we ever imagined...
12 Annoying Things Men Do at the Gym That Need to STOP
Sick and tired of THAT guy at the gym who doesn't stop staring at you? Can't stand the cocky juicers who have no gym etiquette whatsoever? Girl, we know exactly how you feel. So we decided to put it out there and let guys know what really annoys the crap out of us...
50 Thoughts Everyone Has After One Too Many
We've all been there: You've had a great night but accidentally had that one extra shot that's more than you can handle. Chaos and eventually hilarious anecdotes ensue, but what's running through your head at the time...
Crappy New Year? 22 Reasons Why January Is The Worst Month Of All
Ever wonder why January seems so goddamn lonely? From being stuffed up with a cold, dealing with the post Christmas weight gain, and feeling like a massive bum, January can really be a pretty tough month for everyone...
16 Signs You’re The Best Betch Of All
What do you call someone who knows exactly what they want, is confident as hell and loves teasing themselves, as well as everyone and anyone else? B*tches might be mean, but if you're a BETCH that's a WHOLE different story...
16 Excuses Girls Use To Avoid Going Out
We might not care to admit it in front of an audience but there's a secret party pooper in all of us. Going out and getting messed up until 3 in the morning always seems like the best idea and then the day comes and your face hasn't woken up...
8 Ways To Stand Out At Work Without Seeming Like A Total Suck-Up
Sure there are plenty of ways to make it known that you are the shining star of your office, but how many of those ways are possible without seeming like a complete suck-up? Luckily for you we did some...
22 Ways To Stop Yourself From Ruining Your Life
Wanna know how to live a happy care-free life? It's simple. There are no rules. Stop giving yourself grief about the little things and start appreciating what you have. Life can be a beautiful thing, people...
Is The ‘Average’ Acne Barbie Really Necessary?
Earlier this year the ‘Lammily’ doll was introduced; a doll much like Barbie except distinctly ‘average.’ Instead of having Barbie’s long legs and obscenely tiny waist, Lammily has the average proportions of a 19-year-old girl...
All The Proof We Ever Needed That Drunk Girls Are Targets For Rape
While we agree that a girl hammered in public is not a great look, the way that men react to her is an even uglier sight. When Stephen Zhang's social experiment filmed an actress pretending to be drunk, I don't think anyone was prepared to see so many men try to take advantage in broad daylight...
Tips for a Great New York Getaway – Part I
I’m a huge Big Apple fan! Whenever someone asks me to join them on a quick getaway to New York, I always say yes right away, even if it’s last minute.
Top 10 reasons to live in Quebec
As winter approaches, I often find myself putting down my own province. Having been born in Quebec, it’s easy to forget how lucky I am to live in this part of the country.
This Man Tries To Defend Cat Calling And Is Utterly Destroyed
After the video of a girl walking through NYC for ten hours and receiving an abundance of cat calls and wolf whistles went viral last week, CNN brought in author of Code of Honor Steven Santagati to discuss his pro perspective on catcalling...
12 Signs You're Suffering From A Serious Case Of Frienvy
As much as you love your friends, and want the best for them, there’s a tiny little part of you, a part that you are NOT proud of, that can’t help but feel a little resentful of their seemingly fabulous life...
20 Life Hacks To Make Your Paycheck Last All Month
Always find yourself running dry like ONE week after payday? Splurge days, impulse buys and zero management over your funds - sounds all too familiar, right? Don't fret, transforming yourself from a shopaholic into a frugal queen is easy...
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