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Cannes Film Festival Makes Its Most Sexist Move Yet
With the Cannes Film Festival currently underway, many guests of the event are in uproar after word spread that numerous women attending were denied entry into the screening of "Carol" for wearing flats...
The Sexist Hashtag #HowToSpotAFeminist Has Totally Backfired & It's Brilliant!
When conservative radio host Doc Thompson created the hashtag #HowToSpotAFeminist he was unsurprisingly inundated with the stereotypical replies: fat, ugly man-haters who refuse to shave their beards...
Outfit Changes? And One Too Many Shots? 30 Stages Girls Go Through Before A Night Out
Dolling up, free flowing spirits and feeling like a superstar? There's a reason why we put more effort into getting ready for a girl's night out than the night out itself. All our tanning horrors and wardrobe dilemmas suddenly become totally worthwhile...
Ten Truths All Canadians Know
Despite the harsh winter, it is well known that Canada is the best place in the world. If you're a girl from the land of snow, you will certainly identify with many of the following observations.
10 Things Women Do Better than Men
We're not trying to start a sex war. All the same, there are many things that women do better than men. Science has validated several of the advantages we have over to the male sex.
The Incredible Cat that Dedicates It's Life to Care for Sick Animals!
Find out why this cat has become a web sensation in the last few days. We caution you that, if you are not a cat lover, your attitude towards the species will be changed forever thanks to this kitty!
18 Images that Will Convince You of the Sorry State of Our Planet
We may not realize just how much waste 7 billion humans produce. It is even more distressing to note the small percentage that is recycled. Whatever the main cause may be, humans are not the only victims of pollution and climate change...
20 Canadian Destinations To Visit in Your Lifetime
Welcome to Canada: land dedicated to nature, populated by unreal and magnificent landscapes. From coast to coast, the country is full of wonders. Here are 20 destinations that you must not miss!
Quick Guide to Feeling Good Naked
Nudity is our most natural state. At the same time, it can make us most uncomfortable. Feeling good naked is not about changing our bodies! It is rather about changing the way that we see ourselves. Here is the little guide to help us learn to love our bodies...
Should Texting While Walking Be Banned in Canada?
Drivers who text while driving have been stigmatized for years now. However, texting pedestrians can also cause accidents. The dangers inherent in texting while walking are being studied: should we worry about the safety of people who send text messages while walking...
Trendy T-Shirts Selling for $2, but No One Wants Them. You Won't Believe Why.
Sweaters for $5, stylish handbags for $25... We are all looking for the best deals. To meet this demand, vending machines offering inexpensive sweaters were placed in the streets of Berlin. Who could say no to such low prices...
Yes, You Can Love Your Stretch Marks
Whether the result of pregnancy, a rapid change in weight, or the passage of time, stretch marks are caused by natural physical processes. Like it or not, they are part of us. The time when we should be ashamed of them has passed! Ring in a new era of celebrating them as the story of our lives...
Objects that All Girls from the 1990s Miss
Even if all this feels like it was only ten years ago, in reality two decades have passed under the bridge! Many of these items no longer exist. When we remember the times when we had such good fun with simple stuff, we would like to leave our iPhone in the present and go back to the past...
April Fools' Pranks: You Won't Believe How Far These Jokers Went!
Every year, it's the same thing – we need to keep our guard up on the first of April. However, some people take things too far and are desperate to make jokes that are... well, not in the best of taste...
Be Zen at the Office: It's Possible!
At work, as in your personal life, things go fast. Very fast. How can you avoid being overtaken by events? These tips will allow you to feel more calm and composed at work, as well as in your life.
30 Stereotypes We're All Sick and Tired of Hearing
Let's face it; there will always be people who think they know all about us based on the sole fact that we are women. Comments like, "That must be a woman driver!" we've heard a few times too many. It...
Ten Pinterest Decorating Ideas to Revamp Your Cottage
Summer or winter, the cottage is our favourite weekend getaway. Why not spoil yourself and invest in a little redecoration in the spring of 2015? Here are 10 tips to beautify your home away from home.
8 Canadian Actresses Who Are all the Rage Abroad
These eight women have many things in common: they are all talented, gorgeous, and have successful careers. Above all, these professionals share a common origin, Canada! We are proud of these actresses who represent us at home and abroad...
You Will Never Guess What a Stay-At-Home-Mom's Salary Should Be
A man figured out the salary his wife should receive as a stay-at-home-mom. The result is to die for.
21 Pictures to Make Your Day Instantly Happier
Today is the International Day of Happiness, which means that sadness is NOT allowed. So in order to get the laughs (and perhaps even happy tears) flowing, here are all the pictures you need to make your day that much brighter...
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