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9 Apps that Simplify Your Life When Travelling
Thanks to these applications, the only thing left to worry about while travelling is showing up to our flight on time!
8 Toxic Friendships From Which You Should Distance Yourself Today!
If many people contribute to our happiness, there are some that, instead, harm our well-being. It may take several years before noticing that we are in such a relationship, and a basically healthy friendship can become unhealthy...
19 Nasty Things All Girls Do in Secret (yes, you too!)
Though we'd never admit it, and when no one is looking, we have all done these things of which we're not too proud. But we are far from the only ones committing these little misdemeanors! Here are 18 bad things we have all done secretly, and so have all our friends...
These Hilarious Bottle Labels Reveal Our True Relationship With Wine
Wine has remained our most loyal BFF for a very long time now. It's seen us through the good times, bad times, and our head stuck in a toilet bowl times but it seems it's finally fed up and ready to give it to us straight...
10 Life Hacks For The Seriously Lazy
Sometimes it's so much better, easier and preferable to stay put and not try at ANYTHING. Luckily, the modern world has caught onto this fact of life and has made life so much simpler. Here are our favourite quick fixes for the couch potato in you...
15 Brilliant Movies To Watch With Your Dad On Father's Day
With father's day just around the corner, we know exactly how to make the most of your day with Dad. Settle down on the sofa, make him a cup of tea in his 'World's Best Dad' mug, and stick one of these movies on...
View from the top: 30 women who rule the world
View from the top: 30 women who rule the world
Women's History Month: Celebrating Canada's Forgotten Heroines
Women's History Month: Celebrating Canada's Forgotten Heroines
Inspirational quotes: wise words from famous women
Inspirational quotes: wise words from famous women
20 Page Turners That Will Make Saying Goodbye To 'Gone Girl' Easier
20 Page Turners That Will Make Saying Goodbye To 'Gone Girl' Easier
20 Signs that You're Becoming Your Mother
As teenagers, we all vowed that we would never be like our mothers. Then we became women and those of us who have become mothers now realize that ... Mom was right! We find ourselves doing things just as she did...
Q&A: Amy Putman Discusses the Key to a Better Work-Life Balance
A wife, mother of three, and full-time working woman, Amy Putman does it all and then some. A partner at Pinkwater & Putman and a member of the Board of Directors for Skip of New York, Putman has a hectic day-to-day schedule between her career and personal life...
My First Tattoo: 5 Ladies Dish The Details Behind Their Ink
On the heels of summer, women are shedding their jackets and pants for lighter, more revealing alternatives. This absence of fabric has uncovered something far more revealing than hours spent at SoulCycle: an abundance of tattoos; not just for swarthy sailors or dangerous outcasts...
Your Summer To Do List: 50 Experiences You Have To Have This Summer
Pina Coladas, lazing under the stars, road trips? Summer's full of opportunities to run wild and free but before you know it, it's time to retreat to your bed like Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka with over-sized blankets and furry legs (that's us by the way, we can't speak for him)...
20 Ways To Have The Ultimate Evening Of 'Me Time'
It's been a long, hard week of all work and no play when finally that rarest of things presents itself to you: an entire evening to spend by yourself. So lock the doors, lower the blinds and stock up on the bubble bath, because here's how to spend the perfect evening of 'ME time'...
21 Reasons You Should Give Fifty Shades Of Grey A Chance
To all the girls out there who point blank refuse to watch Fifty Shades of Grey, we get it. Maybe the books aren't your bag, or you can't stand the sight of Jamie Dornan without any stubble - whatever the reason, here's why WE'RE saying that you should give it a chance...
You Know You Come from Montreal When …
Metropolis rich in cultural and ethnic diversity – combining quality of life, safety, and affordability – Montreal ranks among the best cities in regards to the cost of living, the business environment, political stability, and cleanliness...
12 Things You Don't Understand until You've Lived Them
There are moments that mark us and that change us deeply. That is why we remember our “firsts." They remain forever archived in our memories. The good experiences – as well as the bad – allow us to grow...
The 18 Curvy Women On Instagram Who Prove Big Is Beautiful
Curvy girls are taking over Instagram and it's the best thing ever. These bombshells are unapologetically embracing their curves and inspiring full figured girls everywhere. So what are waiting on, get on Instagram and start following...
14 Amazing Ways To Drink Rum You Definitely Won't Have Thought Of Before
Yes other spirits are good (we'll never forget you gin), but there's something about rum that always gets the party started. I mean you can make daiquiris, mojitos AND piña coladas with rum - need we say more...
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