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A Foodie Weekend in Toronto
Planning to spend a few days in Toronto? The city is full of great restaurants and gourmet markets. Here’s a short list of places you’ll definitely want to check out!
6 homemade Christmas gift ideas
Store-bought gifts are fine but homemade presents that take time and thought to pull off are often even more appreciated. Here are six ideas for easy DIY gifts that are sure to please!
The Origins of Black Friday
Today is Black Friday, a day when the term “consumer society” takes on real meaning, especially for our neighbours to the south. In the United States, the day after Thanksgiving is reserved for serious bargain hunting in just about every store in the country...
The Secret to Happiness
That old saying, “money doesn’t buy happiness”, has always irked me because it implies that money makes you unhappy, a popular belief actually supported by the fact that richer countries have higher depression rates...
7 things you should know before going to Brazil
Brazil has become a popular vacation destination for Canadians. The country has hosted major sporting events in the past decade like the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and will host the Summer Olympics in 2016...
7 easy ways to stay in shape this winter
Are you a little lazy by nature? Does the idea of working out after a long workday seem like an impossible mountain to climb? Look no further than our 7 exercise cheats!
Why the IUD is making a comeback
When more and more of my friends started going off their birth control pills and getting intrauterine devices, I wondered why they had switched to this contraceptive method and so I asked them. For those of you who are equally curious, here’s what they said...
What if you had a twin you never knew about?
Remember that 90s movie where a young Lindsay Lohan played identical twins who reunite after being separated at birth? Incredible as it may seem, it actually happened to South Korean twins adopted at birth by families from two different countries...
7 music streaming sites worth checking out
For better or for worse, the Internet has finally gotten the upper hand over the music industry now that anyone can go online to stream just about any kind of music. Some cell phone companies even offer plans with unlimited data for streaming music online...
Generation Y can Make-or-Break Today’s Businesses
This year, after months of travelling, I came home and told my parents that I planned to freelance instead of finding a “real” job. They were flabbergasted. Not only did they fear for my financial health, but they actually feared for my mental health...
Generation Y can Make-or-Break Today’s Businesses
The growing number of Millennials in the workplace has certainly stirred things up, but how has their presence specifically impacted the business world?
Tips for a Great New York Getaway – Part III
I’m a huge Big Apple fan! Whenever someone asks me to join them on a quick getaway to New York, I always say yes right away, even if it’s last minute.
Big, Bubbly or Sweet: 4 Gift Ideas Filled with Holiday “Spirit”
Better put your thinking cap on because gift giving season is fast approaching!
Tips for a Great New York Getaway – Part II
I’m a huge Big Apple fan! Whenever someone asks me to join them on a quick getaway to New York, I always say yes right away, even if it’s last minute.
This Victoria's Secret Photoshop Fail Might Be The Worst Yet
It's not the first and it probably won't be the last time the Victoria's Secrets photoshop team screws up. The brand is known for its liberal use of airbrushing but this time they've really overdone it...
10 Weird Facts About Your Boobs That Are On A Need-To-Know Basis
Hey ladies: we all know that having boobs is seriously great. And they have a way of surprising you in the best ways - take puberty for example. One day there’s nothing and then BOOM: it’s tit city right there on your chesticles...
Gigi Hadid Shuts Down Body Shaming D*cks In The Best Way
We gotta whole lot of love for Gigi Hadid and a lot of raging hate for body shaming trolls right about now. She shut down her haters with one epic Instagram post and now we can't stop fist pumping, well they don't call her the social media model for nothing...
People Are Tearing Down Gender Stereotypes With The #MasculinitySoFragile Hashtag
The #MasculinitySoFragile hashtag is trending on Twitter, and it's brilliant. The hashtag highlights the downsides and pitfalls of toxic masculinity, and aims to prove that expressing emotions and feelings doesn't make you less of a man...
Katie Glass Was Right. The Mental Health Of Young Men Shouldn't Be Ignored.
The Sunday Times writer Katie Glass spoke out last weekend about the masculinity crisis that’s affecting the mental health of young men today. With suicide rates rising, guys are finding it harder to find ways to speak out and ask for help...
Actress Jessica Biel Launches Sex-Ed Video Series To Educate Women About Their Bodies
Quick question: how well do you know the female anatomy? Could you tell the difference between labium majus and the labium minus? It seems many women don't actually know their bodies that well, and actress Jessica Biel is about to change that...
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