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Everything You Need To Know About The Last Season of Downton Abbey
We've had some great times at the big house, but it's time for Downton Abbey to close it's doors, with season 6 airing later this year to be it's final season, and ending on a Christmas special. We're not quite ready to say goodbye yet, but we ARE ready to see what we can expect from the house next...
Keira Knightley Reveals Why She Loves Her Post-Pregnancy Body
Keira Knightley is an amazing actor, the very definition of class and, as of May this year, a new mother! Although the 30-year-old has always had a figure to die for, like everyone she revealed she used to have serious hang-ups about her body before her daughter was born...
Anna Faris Responds To Rumours That Chris Pratt Has Cheated
There are too many splits going on at the moment. First it was Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, then Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, then Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog (this one really shook us to the core)...
The Notebook Is Being Turned Into A TV Show
You cried at The Notebook, and TV producers saw your tears and realized that you hadn't suffered enough. That is the only reason we can fathom for why they are making the heartbreaking movie following Allie and Noah's love story...
Matt Le Blanc and Matthew Perry Weren’t Invited To Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding
No one told you life was gonna be this way, did they boys?! Jennifer Aniston's Friends co-stars and, we thought, good friends of the actor, chatted about how they weren't invited to the wedding and honestly? Neither of them sound too happy about it...
Emma Watson Has Addressed Gender Inequality In The Fashion Industry And Hit The Nail On The Head
From playing a strong female character to speaking out about gender inequality at the UN, Emma Watson has been a total inspiration to us for years. Now she has taken her campaign for gender equality to the fashion industry...
14 Redheaded Celebs Who Made Being Ginger Cool
With their porcelain pale skin, adorable freckles and gorgeous copper locks, the gingers of the world ought to be revered and loved like the outright angels that they are. However, as every ginger will know...
QUIZ: Which Taylor Swift Relationship Are You?
Over the years Taylor Swift has dated a healthy amount of guys, which is perfectly acceptable for any young woman to do (so take that haters!) The only difference between her and every other twenty-something who's tried their hand at dating is that the eyes of the world are ALL...
16 Celebrity Splits We'll Never Be Over
For some reason, whenever a seemingly perfect celebrity couple calls it a day, we get really depressed. We don't want to overreact, but it makes us feel like love is dead and there's no hope for any of us...
10 Murder Mystery Thrillers EVERY Woman Should Read
Mysterious novels with dark, untrustworthy characters and an ambiguous narrative are the sort of novels that you could stay up all night reading. Novels that keep you guessing and a little afraid are always the ones you can't help but gush about in the office the next day...
The Celebrities Rocking Underwear As Outerwear
When you're a celebrity you get away with a lot more than us mere mortals when it comes to fashion risks. This includes flashing their undies - hey, it's one of the perks. Here's a look at the celebrities doing the underwear as outerwear trend and looking pretty smoking as they do it...
This Message About Body Confidence From OITNB's Danielle Brooks Is Perfect
Orange is the New Black star Danielle Brooks (Taystee Jefferson, best character EVER) has proven that she's as amazing in real life as her quick-witted, self-loving character on the show. Taking to Instagram to show off her figure and speak out about loving your body...
The Real Reason Zayn Malik Left One Direction Has Been Revealed
Oh Zayn, you beautiful, beautiful specimen of a human being. What a journey you've led us on as of late. Quitting One Direction and breaking the hearts of millions, spatting with former bandmate Louis Tomlinson then turning on his buddy Naughty Boy...
10 TV Shows Both You AND Your Partner Will Love
It can be a problem when you and your SO are into completely different television. Maybe you like action and he likes horror, or you would love to settle down with a silly teen drama where he would watch that stuff OVER HIS DEAD BODY...
Welcome To "Real/Unreal": The Campaign Focused On Getting Rid Of Photoshop In Advertising For Good
Adi Barkan is an Israeli fashion photographer who has, for the last sixteen years, protested against the highly unrealistic representation of women in the media after seeing the horrors of anorexia up close in his work...
10 Unbelievable Celebrities Caught Smoking
Some celebrity smokers won't come as too much of a shock (oh hey Kate Moss!), whereas others are much more secretive about their nicotine-fuelled habit. Although smoking leads to plenty of unpleasantries...
15 Literary Loves Of Our Lives We WISH Were Real
Do you think us book nerds simply read books to expand our minds? Mwuhaha nope. We just have our head buried in that particular novel because the main character is RIPPED and thanks to the power of the imagination, there is NO limit to the Grecian God we are creating in our heads...
10 Children's Films That Give Us The Feels
Children's films can be funny, smart and charming. But every once it a while, they can utterly break out hearts. How can children handle these things and be cool as cucumbers but when we watch as adults the waterworks are on at full force...
10 Reasons Why 'Inside Out' Is Pixar's Best Film Yet
We're not saying you might cry at Pixar's newest movie, Inside Out. We're guaranteeing it. By the end, you'll be attempting to stem your tears so as not attract your friends/children/coworkers to your swollen face and heart...
David Beckham Gave A Family In Need $100K And We Don't Think We Could Be More In Love With Him
David Beckham is an angel in many ways. He's polite, sweet, looks like he's an amazing father and husband and is always the first person to jump at the chance of doing any little tidbit for charity (who could ever forget his sketch with James Corden for Sport Relief...
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