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Top 8 Quebec celebrity looks to emulate
Quebec women are known the world over for their natural beauty and fashion sense. Here are 8 Quebec stars we could all learn from...
These Disney Princesses Reimagined As Fine Art Are Simply Stunning
If you thought Disney cartoons were well drawn, just wait until you see these works of art! Artist and possible Gabriel Rossetti reincarnation Heather Theurer has created the MOST stunning renditions of Disney Princesses...
16 Amazing Celebrities Who Have Come Out
The LGBT community has achieved so much in the last few years! In celebration of this and for everyone who revealed their coming out stories for National Coming Out today, we wanted to know more about the celebrities who have come out loudly and proudly...
Need A Boost? Listen To Taylor Swift's Favourite Tunes Right Here
The world is full of Swifties now, and that's okay. She's amazing, and we love her, and that is nothing to be embarrassed about! Since we've worn ourselves out emotionally listening to her latest album...
Blake Lively’s Gossip Girl Audition Tape Is Just The Cutest
Blake Lively became a household name in her role as Serena van der Woodsen on the massively popular teen show Gossip Girl. Since the series began way back in 2007, we've seen Blake rise up into blockbusters...
7 Amazing Films And TV Shows Coming To Netflix
If you are going to do 'Netflix and chill' in October, be warned. These shows and movies are too good to be an excuse to snuggle with your bae. What could have been a night of romance will turn into a day and a half of binge watching, takeaways out of the carton and no showers...
Cable News Segment On Edward Snowden Is Totally Hijacked By Guy Whose Twitter Handle Is @fart
News segments have been alight recently with news that everyone’s favourite fugitive Edward Snowden has joined social media. His first tweet came on 29th September and simply, spectacularly, stated: “Can you hear me?” People loved it...
Tom Daley And His Boyfriend Are Engaged And We Would Like To Be Invited To The Wedding Please
After coming out as gay back in late 2013, we have watched Tom’s blossoming relationship with Dustin Lance Black with fond smiles on our faces while stemming the tears of loneliness from our chocolate-smeared cheeks and whispering sweet nothings to our cat...
Calm Down Everyone: There Definitely Isn’t Going To Be A Game Of Thrones Movie
The news has been crazy at the moment with the apparent news that the creator of the Game of Thrones series George RR Martin had confirmed there would be a follow-up movie to the TV series.
Katy Perry Brought A Girl On Stage Before Realizing She Was WASTED And The Result Is Hilarious
This is probably about the time you start singing I Kissed A Girl, right Katy? During a concert in Rio last weekend, Katy invited a fan to the stage only to discover that she was totally hammered and extremely tactile...
10 Of Television's Greatest Coming Out Moments
With the news that The Simpsons' very own Smithers will finally be coming out to Mr Brns as gay (let's face it, this has been prophesied since day one), we took a look back at our favourite and most memorable coming out moments in telly history...
"You Like To Get Down, Right Thor?" This Avengers: Age Of Ultron Blooper Reel Is Hilarious
Is there anything more fun than watching extremely good looking people in seriously sexy superhero costumes mess up? Well...actually being friends with them would probably be funner...sniff...but hey! Check out our favourite next best thing...
'Bros Being Basic' Is About To Become Your New Favourite Instagram Account
For anyone who is tired of those typical Instagram snaps of girls enjoying their perfect, authentic, Pinterest-ready lives, you're not alone. Seriously, how many coffee cups with an amaro filter do you think we want to see?! So we had to giggle when we saw the Instagram account 'Bros being basic'...
This Man Sobbing After Watching Titanic Is All Of Us
It doesn't matter how many times you watch Titanic - if you have a heart and tear ducts, you are going to bawl. The beautiful and tragic love story! The heartbreaking deaths! The heavy knowledge that this terrible thing actually happened...
Spotted! Blair From Gossip Girl And Seth From The OC Just Had A Baby Together And Her Name Is Oh-So-Cute
Attention Upper East Siders! Queen B has given birth to her first baby and it looks like Chuck Bass isn't the baby daddy. Is this the end of Chair, or will Chuck refuse to go down without a fight? You know you love me, XOXO, Gossip Girl...
Beware All Posers! Selfies Killed More People Than Sharks Last Year
Sharks are scary. They have razor sharp teeth, they're followed around by a Jaws soundtrack, and they EAT PEOPLE ALIVE. We thought it was fair enough to avoid shark-invested waters in case of being a fish's dinner...
Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Apparently In The Final Stages To Adopt Syrian Orphan
Is the Jolie-Pitt clan getting a new member? According the RadarOnline, Hollywood's power couple are finalizing plans to adopt a Syrian orphan. Although this is yet to be confirmed, we wouldn't be at...
5 Things You Need To Know About Harry Potter's Family
Does it seem odd to you that we know basically nothing about Harry's Dad James's family? We know all about Lily's sister and her parents. We also know that James was pureblood, and that he came from an old Wizarding family, but they never seem to come up...
This 10-Year-Old Comedian Is Hilarious And Terrifying In Equal Measure
Saffron Herndon is 10 years old, a huge Nirvana fan, and is an up-and-coming hilarious new talent on the American comedy circuit. Let us say it again: she's TEN. Wondering what you've done with your life so far? So are we...
Ryan Reynolds Finding Out Friend Tried To Sell Photos Of His Newborn "Felt Like A Death"
When you become a world famous movie star, it must be difficult to know who to trust, and those people that you do bring into the circle must be incredibly important to you. So we can only imagine how...
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Top 8 Quebec celebrity looks to emulate
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