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Amaretto peach tart

Artichokes alla parmigiana

Artichokes alla romana
Recipe - Aubergine and farfalle pastaEasy20 min
Recipe - Berry tiramisuEasy20 min
Recipe - Bitter oranges in syrupEasy30 min
Recipe - Bolognaise lasagneEasy20 min
Recipe - Bolognese Stuffed Peppers with Cheese recipeEasy10 min
Recipe - Brandy snapsEasy20 min
Recipe - Bresaola and pepper bitesEasy10 min
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Recipe - BruschettaEasy10 min
Recipe - Butternut squash ravioli with sage sauceMedium10 min
Recipe - Café espressoEasy10 min
Recipe - CappuccinoEasy10 min
Recipe - Caprese (tomatoes & mozzarella)Easy5 min
Recipe - Carpaccio of sea bass with lemon verbena oilEasy15 min
Recipe - Chicken puttanescaEasy10 min
Recipe - Chicken risotto Easy20 min
Recipe - Chilli, red onion and chorizo potato bakeEasy5 min
Recipe - Choco-vanila ice cream with desiccated coconutEasy10 min
Recipe - Chorizo and Vodka PastaEasy30 min
Recipe - Curried cucumber and cheese carpaccioEasy10 min
Recipe - Danish shortbreadEasy15 min
Recipe - Easy peasy pasta and sauceEasy10 min
Recipe - Eggs with trufflesEasy10 min
Recipe - Fettucine with mushrooms and tomatoesMedium40 min
Recipe - Genoa cakeEasy25 min

Ham and melon pasta salad

Homemade spaghetti

Italian savoury muffins
Recipe - Italian tomato and pasta soupEasy15 min
Recipe - LasagneEasy60 min
Recipe - Lemon, salmon roe and mascarpone pastaEasy15 min
Recipe - Minestrone soupEasy20 min
Recipe - Minestrone soupMedium40 min
Recipe - Mini tortiglioni with haricot bean sauceEasy20 min
Recipe - Mozzarella and bacon pizzaEasy10 min
Recipe - Nectarine sabayonEasy10 min
Recipe - Orange risotto with pumpkinEasy20 min
Recipe - Osso buccoEasy30 min
Recipe - Osso BuccoEasy15 min
Recipe - Panfried Tuna Steak with Warm Potato Salad, TomatoEasy10 min
Recipe - Panna cotta with strawberry coulisEasy20 min
Recipe - Pappardelle and smoked salmonEasy10 min
Recipe - Parma ham and melon skewersEasy10 min
Recipe - Pasta carbonaraEasy30 min
Recipe - Pasta salad with peanutsEasy10 min
Recipe - Pea risottoEasy40 min
Recipe - Peanut pasta with fried tempeh bitsMedium10 min
Recipe - Pear and parmesan tartEasy20 min
Recipe - Penne pasta in sardine sauceEasy15 min
Recipe - Penne with Bacon and Red Pepper recipeEasy10 min
Recipe - Piccata Verde (veal escalope in green sauce)Easy10 min
Recipe - Pink strawberry tiramisuEasy40 min

Pizza al prosciutto (prosciutto ham)

Pizza alla marinara (seafood)

Pizza alla napoletana (tomato & anchovy)
Recipe - Pizza alla siciliana (artichoke & onion)Easy20 min
Recipe - Pizza baseEasy150 min
Recipe - Poached eggs on a bed of potatoesEasy20 min
Recipe - Polenta pudding with light creamEasy30 min
Recipe - Pomegranate mousseEasy20 min
Recipe - Porcini mushroom risotto Medium10 min
Recipe - Potato Gnocchi with Tomato, Spinach & MascarponeEasy5 min
Recipe - Prawn and gorgonzola tartletsEasy min
Recipe - Prawn and porcini mushroom saladEasy15 min
Recipe - Pumpkin ravioli with cream of cressMedium40 min
Recipe - Risotto with two peppersEasy15 min
Recipe - Rose panna cotta with poppy seed tuileEasy20 min
Recipe - Salmon and spinach lasagneEasy25 min
Recipe - Seafood and herb lasagneEasy20 min
Recipe - Seafood risottoEasy30 min
Recipe - Seafood tagliatelleMedium30 min
Recipe - Spaghetti al arrabiata (spicy sauce)Easy10 min
Recipe - Spaghetti All Puttanesca recipeEasy15 min
Recipe - Spaghetti carbonara Easy10 min
Recipe - Spaghetti in tomato sauceEasy20 min
Recipe - Spicy cheese & tomato pastaEasy10 min
Recipe - Spinach and goat's cheese lasagneEasy25 min
Recipe - Springtime risottoEasy26 min
Recipe - Squash and Garlic RisottoMedium20 min

Summer Linguine


Tomato and anchovy pizza
Recipe - Tomato, bacon, rosemary & red onion rigatoniEasy20 min
Recipe - Tomato, chilli and Serrano ham canapés Easy5 min
Recipe - Tomato, feta and barley bread tartletsEasy10 min
Recipe - Tortellini with capon chickenHard60 min
Recipe - Tuna and mushroom pizzaEasy20 min
Recipe - Tuna macaroniEasy60 min
Recipe - Veal escalope with parmesanEasy10 min
Recipe - Vegetable risottoEasy15 min
Recipe - Venetian mackerelEasy5 min
Recipe - White chocolate panna cottaEasy20 min
Recipe - Wild mushroom and asparagus risottoMedium15 min
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