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The Perfect Stocking
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The best sock for the job


Whether you leave your Xmas sock at the end of the bed or in front of the fire, the important bit is getting the right stocking for the job.

Some people think leaving a pillow case will guarantee more presents. Not, so. As far as we're concerned you've got two choices...

An old school woollen sock (ask your olds) or a built for purpose Christmas stocking.

Dads like to keep things traditional so the Classic Santa stocking is the way to go. CTUK Red Hairy Stocking £1.99
Your mum probably wants shoes for Christmas, most mums do. Stockings of Distinction from £29.99
Cute and girlie with an angel on the front - this stocking is perfect for little princesses. Gisela Graham Winter Fairy Fabric Stocking £10.99
Even if he's a little horror, he'll probably have pointed out that he has been very, very, very good this year. Premier "I've Been Very Good" Stocking £4.49
It's blue and as we all know, blue = manly. Plush Christmas Stocking £2.99


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