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Three cheers for street food!
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Marvelous Meals


©NRichard - Marvelous Meals
Also on site were other gastronomical marvels, including the Pas de cochon dans mon salon truck, which offers one of the best pulled porc sandwiches in the city, as well as grilled Quebec asparagus with almond shavings, and fresh oysters.

Other noteworthy chefs included La Mangeoire, the mobile burger-shop offshoot of Le Nouveau Palais, which offers a selection of eight gourmet sandwiches; Crêpe-moi, where adventurous customers can sample combinations like spinach, goat cheese, strawberry and maple syrup from a converted postal truck; Lucky’s, which offers seafood treats; and finally, the fire engine red Hot Bulldog Palace, which makes artisanal hot dogs.
Dessert lover? Have no fear, every truck offers its own dessert special.


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