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Downton Abbey Cooks:
Take over Mrs. Patmore's kitchen

Downton Abbey Cooks blog: the history of the tea ritual in England


© Downton Abbey Cooks - Downton Abbey Cooks blog: the history of the tea ritual in England
© Downton Abbey Cooks
Foster started out writing five times a week, first thing in the morning. During the off-season, as it were, she blogs two or three times a week. To pass the time until Season 3 premieres, she started a weekly section called “Tea Tuesdays,” in which she traces back the history of the tea ritual in England, and provides some scrumptious suggestions like Fortnum’s Classic Shortbread, Eccles Cake, Blueberry and Vanilla Financiers, and Guilt-Free Scones.

What started as a side project became a true passion. Foster has created a large community around the blog, which now has over 4 500 followers, including Jessica Fellowes, niece of Julian Fellowes, who produces the show, and fellow Canadian Carly Rae Jepsen, whose song “Call Me Maybe” has been an international sensation.

When I mentioned that last one to her on the phone, Foster was speechless. “Oh my God really?” she said. “That’s kind of cool!”

© Downton Abbey Cooks
© Downton Abbey Cooks
“The most bizarre of my followers is a woman in Boston who saw a tweet of mine that I retweeted about a woman’s luncheon event in the UK where Lady Carnvarnon [who lives in Highclere Castle, where the show is filmed] was speaking,” Foster recalled in an email. “She actually flew to the event, was the only American in the audience and had the opportunity to meet the Countess and mentioned that it was my tweet which inspired her to come. She even mailed me a recipe book from Fortnum & Mason.”

And you thought “Twilight” fans were obsessed.

Also through Twitter, Foster has been in touch with some of the major actors from the show, and has traded tweets with Hugh Bonneville (aka the Earl of Grantham), Alan Leech (Branson, or as he’s affectionately called, “the chauffeur”), and Leslie Nichols (Mrs. Patmore — her favorite character, of course!).


Anne Cohen
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