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Celebrating Chinese New Year
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Party Tips for Chinese New Year


© Getty Images/Elizabeth Hachem
Ching-He Huang’s Top Party Tips for Chinese New Year

1. Gold and red are the two luckiest colours to the Chinese, symbolizing good fortune and prosperity. So try to dress the dinner table with the colours, for instance you can use a red tablecloth and gold decorated cutlery.  Make sure you have a lazy Susan (rotating serving platter, available from most department stores) so that all the food can be reached and easily shared.

2. You can easily create your own “Hong bao”, which are fantastic little handmade fortunes. Simply stuff little red packets with coins, personalized fortune notes and a small sweet to wish your guests a sweet year. At the end of the night place the Hong Bao inside a basket and let your guests fish one out in a fun fortune finale.

3. Make sure you have some fireworks in your garden and try to select the noisiest ones - to welcome in the God of Prosperity.

4. Have a dress code or theme to your party – preferably red and gold colours. The outfits should ideally be new but you could also tell your guests to wear something new and in red, for example, bring a red handbag or wear a red dress or wear red shoes.

5. Select some gorgeous golden champagne and sparkling red rose for refreshments and have plenty of food that symbolizes fortune and prosperity, foods that have bright colours such as oranges and apples are good.


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Article Plan Celebrating Chinese New Year
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