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Women's History Month: Celebrating Canada's Forgotten Heroines

We Canadians have a syndrome, an inferiority complex if you will, which compells us to name every Canadian anyone could have ever remotely heard of anytime someone brings up Canada. "You know who else is Canadian..." is a sentence we have all uttered in an effort to prove that yes, you can be Canadian and cool. Well, Canadian women are about more than just Rachel McAdams and Ellen Page (though they do make us proud...)

In honour of Women's History Month this October, we take a look back at some of Canada's best and brightest ladies.

The Honourable Pauline Vanier (1898-1991) was marred to George Vanier, Canada's first ambassador to France and the first French-speaking Governor General.

She was the first female non-politician to be appointed to the Queen's Privy Council of Canada.

In 1966, Vanier was named Chancellor of the University of Ottawa. Both she and her husband have been nominated for beatification by the Catholic Church.

Photo credit: Information Canada Photothèque – Photograph by G. Hollington, 1947.