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Tips from our pro

Tips from our pro

We called in a professional event organizer to give us his top tips for organsing legendary parties.

When should the organization start?

It depends how much effort is required! I can spend from a month and a half to a year and a half organizing a party for a client. If a client has specific requirements it takes longer.  

Where do you start?
With the location, because everything depends on it - music, lighting, decor, etc. Hiring a lavish place for your party isn't always the best option because it won't leave you with much money to spend on anything else - unless you've got a huge budget, that is! And often a fairly simple but well-decorated location is better than a lavish one you can't afford to do anything with! You need to balance your budget well, and it definitely helps to call in a pro who can pinpoint your budget, right down to the finest details. It's often the little things you don't think of - bin bags, candles, cutlery - that add up and can end up sending you over-budget.

Does a party need a theme? 
A theme isn't guaranteed to work, but it depends on the client. A successful party isn't just about the theme itself: it's about the entertainment and particularly the music. The music is even more important that the decor and setting, and you need to get it right. If you want people up and dancing all night, you need the right soundtrack or DJ. Live music always goes down well too and needn't cost the earth if you have contacts or musical friends! 

Should the food take up a large part of your budget? 
Despite what you might think, it isn't the food itself that's expensive - it's all the things that go with it (buying or hiring plates, dishes, waiters etc). The best thing to do is keep it simple and don't make too many different dishes.   

Do you really need to send out invitations?
They are a good idea, especially for a private party because they give it an official tone. They can also be used to set the tone for a themed party. However, they can be expensive, however many you need. For a smallish party, it's more sensible to make them yourself or get an artistic friend to help you out.


Sarah Horrocks
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