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Who to invite? It's the easiest thing to do, but it has to be well thought through. Once you've invited someone you can't uninvite them!! 
Struggling with your list? Here's some advice:
- Decide which group(s) of people to invite: old friends, new friends, uni friends, friends from work, etc.      
- Make a list of the people you have to invite (best friends, partners, boyfriends and husbands, etc).
- Make sure you invite a few real party animals to get everyone in the mood.
- Invite "useful" people - someone with a massive selection of good music, someone who can get you money off party food, alcohol, paper plates... It's a bit crafty, but every little helps!  

Once you've made your list, whittle it down or add to it according to the numbers you want. Don't forget to include partners, girlfriends and boyfriends, and allow for the few who won't show up. Don't stick to an exact figure. Think 10-14 people for a dinner party and 20-30 for a more informal gathering.

It's impossible to invite different groups of people and expect them all to get on perfectly, so don't try and force things too much. All the same, unless you're having a Bonfire Night party, avoid fireworks by not inviting two people who can't stand each other or exes who've not long since called it a day. 


Sarah Horrocks
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