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Understanding Endometriosis
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Lisa Robson
For many women who have been diagnosed with endometriosis, their biggest concern is whether it will affect their ability to have children.

“Around 30-40 percent of women with the condition have problems falling pregnant but many of these can go on to give birth through fertility treatment such as IVF,” said Gupta.

Lisa Robson, a nursery manager who has a severe form of endometriosis, hasn’t been so lucky. The 30 year old underwent two failed IVF treatments after being unable to conceive naturally, and has had years of investigations that ultimately resulted in the loss of both her fallopian tubes and her left ovary.

“I had always suffered from heavy periods but when they began to get painful four years ago I sought medical help,” said Robson. “I kept being told the pain was probably related to IBS and tried different medication, but nothing worked. On two occasions over the next few months, the pain in my abdomen was so bad I was doubled up in agony and was taken into hospital.”

Doctors discovered that Robson had a cyst on her ovary - complications caused her to lose her right ovary and fallopian tube. A few months later, doctors discovered that her remaining tube had become blocked, and detected another cyst on her remaining ovary. It was only then that Robson was diagnosed with a severe case of endometriosis.

“I have been through hell,” said Robson, who hopes her story will help raise awareness of the symptoms of endometriosis so that other women don’t have to go through her ordeal. “All I want is to have a family of my own one day soon.”


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Article Plan Understanding Endometriosis
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