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Tested - new ways to stop snoring
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Helps stop snoring snore mate mouth piece


Helps Stop Snoring - snore mate mouth piece
Tried and tested: Helps Stop Snoring - Snore Mate mouth piece

What is it?
An oral device also referred to as a Mandibular Advancement Device. It's recommended by ENT Consultants and Dental Specialists as an effective method of reducing snoring. Basically it's a mouth-guard.

The claim?
By inserting the moulded mouthpiece into your mouth and over your teeth, it gently and comfortably holds your lower jaw in a slightly forward position while you sleep. This opens the airway in your throat and causes the rushing air to slow down through your throat. The slower air does not vibrate the loose tissue and so snoring is eliminated.

Price and where to buy?
£29.99 from www.stopsnoring.co.uk

The results:
wewomen readers used the Helps Stop Snorning Snore Mate mouth piece for 7 days.

The Multifactoral Snorer

The Results
I hated the Snore Mate. It pushed against the top of my mouth, felt uncomfortable and made me dribble. I coped with it for Anna's sake but it's not the easiest thing to live with.
Anna This worked. Chuck's snoring was really reduced when we went to sleep with the Snore Mate in place but he didn't like it and it was hurting him - even if I'm getting a good night's sleep, I don't want him to suffer.

The Nose Snorer

Kim I found it really difficult to sleep with this thing. From a purely vain point of view, it's ugly and made me dribble.
Dave Kim didn't like this. She felt embarrassed wearing it in front of me and although it did help a little the results weren't significant enough for us to carry on with it.

The Throat Snorer

I didn't mind wearing the Snore Mate. Taking it out in the morning covered in saliva wasn't pretty but it's a small price to pay for a good night's kip.
Rose This worked really well for us. Rich was quiet for the early part of the night and when he did learn to snore through it, I was well off in the land of nod. We liked this a lot.


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