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Tested - new ways to stop snoring
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Helps stop snoring throat rinse


Helps Stop Snoring throat rinse
Tried and tested: Helps Stop Snoring - throat rinse

What is it?
A unique blend of natural essential oils this time in rinse form. You gargle with it to coat the back of the mouth. It works by lubricating and toning the tissues of the soft palette thereby reducing the vibrations that can cause snoring. You shouldn't eat or drink after you've used it.

The claim?
Gets to work immediately and has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate snoring for 4 out of 5 users.

Price and where to buy?
£6.99 for 25ml from www.stopsnoring.co.uk or Sainsburys. 250ml bottle gives up to 25 peaceful nights.

The results:
wewomen readers used the Helps Stop Snorning Throat Rinse for 7 days.

The Multifactoral Snorer

The Results
Again I didn't think this would be strong enough to stop me. I wasn't keen on the rinse especially as I like to have a glass of water by my bed at night as I get thirsty. This solution is not ideal for me.
Anna This didn't seem to have any effect on the snoring. Chuck was as loud as ever.

The Nose Snorer

Kim The taste bothered me. I didn't like the feeling of it in my mouth either.
Dave I didn't notice any significant improvements in Kim's snoring with the rinse. She didn't like gargling with it so perhaps she just wasn't doing it right?

The Throat Snorer

This was alright but the spray and the strips use the same principle and they are both easier to use. I used it after I brushed my teeth so it fitted into the nightly routine reasonably well.
Rose I was pretty pleased with the results of the throat rinse but they weren't as good as the spray or the oral strips. He started quiet but it's not long before the effect has worn off and he's on a roll again.


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