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Tested - new ways to stop snoring
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Breathing Relief anti-snoring clip


Breathing Relief anti-snoring clip
Tried & Tested: Breathing Relief anti-snoring clip

What is it?
A small plastic adjustable nasal dilator that fits inside the nostrils - it opens the nasal airways, allowing you to breathe peacefully.

The claim?
Eight years in the making this device has been proven to be effective in reducing or eliminating snoring by widening the nasal passage. Check out the Breathing Relief 'how it works' video for details - click here.

Price and where to buy?
£18.99 for two dilators (1 medium & 1 small) and a cleansing dome. The dilator is guaranteed to last for 6 months. Buy online at breathingrelief.com.

The results:
wewomen readers used the Breathing Relief anti-snoring clip for 7 days.

The Multifactoral Snorer

The Results
Having something stuck up your nose feels a little bit weird at first. It takes some getting used to but it doesn't hurt at all. Sometimes I wake up and it's fallen out but it seems to work.
Anna I love this device! It works really well and although Chuck can snore through it if he's had a drink or ate too much, it certainly reduces the volume and frequency. This was by far my favourite.

The Nose Snorer

Kim I didn't expect this to work - it's just a small piece of plastic after all. I couldn't figure out how it was adjustable but the smaller one fits me quite well. Occasionally I woke up with it in my hand so perhaps subconsciously it irritates me?
Dave Amazingly Kim was pretty much silent when we first tried this. It worked well all week though got a little less effective as time wore on. It's still the best result by far and I'd happily recommend it. It's brilliant.

The Throat Snorer

It's weird having this thing in your nose but you get used to it. I snore when I'm on my back with my mouth open so I didn't have a lot of faith in this thing.
Rose This little clip helped Rich breathe through his nose which generally meant less snoring. As soon as he was on his back he started up again but there was an improvement while he slept on his side.


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