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Pill popping

A new generation of diet and slimming pills have hit the shelves this summer. Far from being founded on the crazy claims of so-called "slimming experts", these new supplements have been clinically tested and the results are encouraging.

What you need:

Slimming pills
We hesitate to use the word need when it comes to slimming pills. You can achieve a lot without ever using dietary aids but some really do help you get quicker results when used in conjunction with a sensible diet and a good exercise regime.

Make no mistake - you cannot sit on your bum and expect these pills to do the hard work for you.

Try: Capsiplex - found to burn 12 times more calories for an hour after exercise - £29.99 - 

For a natural alternative, choose a dietary aid that includes natural ingredients and additional vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Try: Oceans of Goodness’ Seagreens seaweed capsules - 200 times more iron, 8 times more magnesium and 100 times more iodine than the most nutritious vegetable - £15.95 for 60 tablets -

Supplement drinks
Some dietry supplements can help burn fat, drain toxins and control hunger pangs while your body gets used to a new calorie controlled diet (like a spoiled child, you can expect tantrums from your tummy when you first take away the treats).

Try: Kilo Off - a nutritional supplement you mix with water - £11.99 - /

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