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Why weight?
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Why weight?

Keeping an eye on your weight loss progress can be very motivating - but if you've started a new workout regime then chances are, as you lose fat you'll also be gaining muscle.

You may have heard that "muscle weighs more than fat"... 1lb of muscle weighs exactly the same as 1lb of fat obviously but it takes up 18% less space than fat. So while your weight may even go up as you get fitter, you'll look leaner.

What you need:

Good scales
Fortunately you can still monitor how much fat you're shedding by checking out your weight - you just need the right scales.

Salter MiBody analyzer scales not only tell you how much your total weight is, but how much of that is body fat, body water, muscle mass and visceral fat. It even works out your BMI and BMR and allows you to store and download your readings to your PC where a graph shows you how you're doing.

The screen isn't very bright but in a well lit room that's not too much of an issue. Trust us, these scales are addictive.

Try: Salter MiBody analyzer scales - £44.99 -

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