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Running is a great way to shed unwanted pounds - anyone with a pair of trainers can pound their local pavement but it's a lot more enjoyable if you invest a little in the right kit!

What you need:

A pair of decent running shoes
All feet are different so make sure yours are being properly looked after by your running footwear. A good running shop will analyze your gait to find the perfect shoe even if you overpronate (roll your ankle in as your run) or underpronate as you run.

Try: Up and Running (locations around the country) or Runners Need (London based)

Musical motivation
Running is easier with a little motivating music. Got an iPod Nano? Then get a Nike+ Sports Kit. Pop the sensor into your Nike+ trainers and get real-time feedback and motivating messages from sports stars. You can even track your progress online. Genius!

Try: Nike+ Sports Kit from £18.60 - Nike. Don't have Nike+ trainers? Get a shoe pouch for £6.85 -

Special socks
It may seems silly but a pair of good running socks could save your feet from nasty blisters. Blistered feet and ankles are never a good look!

Try: WrightSock Double Layer Running II Ankle Socks - £8.99 -

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