Summer fitness must-haves: what to buy and what to try

Get active, get fit!
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Get active, get fit!

Summer's here and the beach is calling! It's time to squeeze ourselves back into our bikinis and get out there.

If you need an incentive for getting fit and getting active, summer should do the trick. Our motto? Eat healthy and move more!

It's our simple philosophy for staying well and looking great. Whether you bust your bum at the gym, work out at home or indulge in an active hobby - moving yourself up off that couch is the first step towards a hot summer body.

The second step is eating all the right things! Get your five-a-day, drink plenty of water and make sure you're giving your body enough complex carbs, good fats and protein too.

To give you a kick start, we've rounded up the best diet and fitness buys to help you get your summer goddess body back.

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